Letters to the Editor

Shame on America if Donald Trump wins

Robin Oden
Robin Oden

A vote for Trump benefits no one

I have tried to understand how and why Donald Trump and the GOP get so much support, but I simply cannot come up with an answer that makes sense.

I can only conclude that although it isn’t in their best interest to vote for Trump, they will vote against Hillary Clinton for what I believe are nefarious reasons.

The Trump campaign now talks about Clinton’s emails incessantly while Trump has lied to the American people more than any presidential candidate in history.

If the majority of Americans fall for this political scandal – created by the FBI days before the election – Trump may win.

Shame on America if that happens.

Robin Oden, Stallings

These members of GOP are dead to me

Colin Powell and Republican Rep. Richard Hanna are voting for Hillary.

Gov. John Kasich wrote in John McCain. Sen. Kelly Ayotte says she’ll write in Mike Pence.

A Bush family member says George W. and H.W. Bush will vote for Hillary.

Condoleezza Rice, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, George Pataki, and Carly Fiorina have all said they won’t vote Trump.

Regardless of the outcome Tuesday, these so-called Republicans might just as well be dead in my little world. I vow to never ever support any of them in any manner, ever again.

They opted to side with a habitual liar who is undeniably corrupt.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Turn off the TV and research candidates

Do not let all this drama make you lose sight of what the election is about.

Turn off the TV, get on a computer and Google each candidate. Read what they say about issues at hand.

Do this for your state candidates, as well as national candidates.

Read the HB2 bill for yourself; do not judge it by what you hear.

But most of all, VOTE!

Carolyn Simpson, Concord

What’s next to go, freedom of the press?

In response to “HB2 forum reflects strong divide about LGBT protections” (Nov. 3):

The Republican Party filed a complaint with the elections commission to shut down the HB2 forum.

North Carolina has lost respect, business and tax dollars because of HB2.

Now, some in the Republican Party want to take away freedom of speech and the right for people to assemble.

Next, they’ll want to close down the Observer and eliminate freedom of the press.

These are serious times in our state and country.

Judy King, Charlotte

Can’t afford housing here? Then relocate

In response to “City needs new tools for affordable housing” (Nov. 3 Observer Editorial):

Why should taxpayers subsidize the housing costs for those unable to afford to live in Charlotte?

It would seem that if you can’t afford to live in a community then perhaps you should relocate to a community where rental rates correspond to your income level.

There is a reason some of us don’t live in Myers Park. We might like to, but can’t afford it and would not ask another taxpayer to help out.

U. S. Census data show that on a national scope, when the cost of housing becomes unaffordable to residents, domestic migration occurs and people move to less expensive communities. That is not cruel, that’s life.

David G. Van Hellemont, Charlotte