Letters to the Editor

The unique way I’ll react to the election results


Election could make me examine myself

The Democrats became scared that Trump might actually be a contender and pulled out the stops, pointing out how mean and unqualified he is. The Republicans could put only so much lipstick on their pig, and quickly adopted the only strategy that could possibly succeed – making Clinton appear to be more despicable than Trump. The insanely long election process has solidified our extreme positions, and divided us in a way reminiscent of the Civil War.

I hereby promise that after the election I will do my best to heal the divide. If the candidate I support for president is not elected, I will not dispute the result, but will instead question my own beliefs. If a majority of my fellow voting Americans feel differently than I do, I will examine my positions and do my best to rejoin the majority if at all possible. United we stand.

Paul Rasmussen, Morganton

If your side loses, put country over party

Faced with the prospect of a Hillary win, Trump is already warning that he will seek to impeach her after she takes office. In other words, either I win or I will cause her to be impeached. Talk about a blatant disregard and disrespect for our democratic process. Shame on the GOP nominee.

Whichever candidate loses on Tuesday I enjoin their supporters to act in a way that fosters the greater good. Our country is more important than our party.

Dan Laurent, Charlotte

After progress, we could go backward

I am the product of the Civil Rights Movement. The dream of a black president in my lifetime came true. Now, the nightmare of an unfit, racist, sexist individual as president exists.

The Tea Party and every hate and white separatist group in the country endorses Donald Trump.

Trump is asking us to accept his construction of buildings as his qualifications to build a strong economy and create jobs. I don’t think so! Our “great” country needs more than expensive hotels, golf courses, and office/apartment buildings.

Hillary is qualified to keep this country growing. And contrary to what some say, it has never been proven that she committed any crimes.

Omega Crable, Charlotte

Obama should fulfill oath, not play politics

Can Donald Trump be an effective president? Only the future might tell, but as a candidate he is extremely skilled and energetic.

Last week, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, President Obama and Vice President Biden crisscrossed America trying to neutralize him.

It’s tragic that any president would allow himself to forget the oath of office and act as a simple partisan apparatchik.

The president should always act in the best interest of all fellow Americans and stay high above the cheap politics.

Kenan Porobic, Charlotte

Mr. Thies, where is your compassion?

In response to “As election nears, some thoughts on immigration” (Nov. 4 Opinion):

Op-ed writer Mark Thies should spend some time in a Third World country to better understand why the U.S. attracts so many illegal immigrants.

Perhaps watching children beg in the streets of Guatemala will strike a compassion chord with him.

An El Salvadoran immigrant who worked on my home had two choices back at home: join the MS-13 gang or be killed. He fled to the U.S.

You cannot stop the influx of immigrants. When survival is on the line, humans will do anything to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I’m sure Mr. Thies could spare a few extra tax bucks to save a few lives.

Bill Jefferson, Charlotte

They can’t serve you if they don’t live here

In response to “Can’t afford housing here? Then relocate” (Nov. 6 Forum):

Forum writer David Van Hellemont suggests relocation out of the community for those unable to afford Charlotte’s rental rates. I can’t help but wonder who Mr. Van Hellemont believes will teach his children, respond to his emergencies, staff the stores where he shops, care for him in the hospital, or manicure his lawn. The hardworking folks who perform these tasks have a right to live in reasonable proximity to where they work. It is in all of our best interests to support affordable housing here!

Marion Idol, Matthews

FBI director might have new longing

When Hillary wins, don’t be surprised if Comey has a sudden desire to spend more time with his family.

E. T. Shafer, Charlotte