Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.01.15

In response to “I’m OK with Keystone XL veto; let pipeline process play out” (Feb. 27 Forum)

Override Obama’s Keystone veto

The Keystone XL pipeline project has been studied to death for more than six years!

Forum writer William Hollar thinks that is not enough. He also overlooks the long-term benefits of jobs, revenues for the states involved, and a decreased need for Middle East oil.

Obama is wrong to bend over for environmentalist extremists! I hope Congress overrides his veto soon.

Peter J. Augusta


Solution for public restroom issue already exists

What is all the fuss about public bathrooms?

The problem has already been solved. It is called a “family bathroom” and it’s found in many public places.

Whoever you are or want to be, you are a member of the human family. You go in, lock the door, do what you came to do, wash your hands, and leave. No problem.

Jim H. Williams


No need for an ordinance on who uses which bathroom

Flush it! A man who has the physical attributes of a man is a man and should use the men’s restroom. Same for ladies.

How they feel under their physical attributes is irrelevant to the person who happens to be in the restroom at the same time.

We are all God’s creatures, equal in God’s eyes, and we all have special needs. The public restroom is no place to demonstrate those needs.

Ed Mesko


Meck board take note; snow day didn’t stop CMS teachers

Yet another reason for Mecklenburg County commissioners to increase support for CMS this year:

Wednesday while at Bruns Academy, I learned that teachers would work from home during the snow day. My grandsons’ teachers also encouraged them to use Google Docs and Skype to contact them during the snow day for help with studies.

Teacher pay is low, yet these are examples of how hard CMS works for student achievement.

Bolyn McClung


In response to “UNC Charlotte’s time to step up” (Feb. 26 Opinion):

Time to step up and show UNCC the support it deserves

In spite of the lack of funds for the fastest growing university in the UNC system – and with some exception, less than stellar support from the greater Charlotte area – UNCC has done exceedingly well with what it has!

I am glad the Observer included the op-ed piece by UNCC Chancellor Phil Dubois. Numbers do speak louder than words!

But the headline should have said: “Greater Charlotte area’s, UNC Board of Governors’, and N.C. legislature’s time to step up!”

Frank Jones

Stella, N.C.

In response to “Major snowstorm strikes” (Feb. 26):

Response by N.C. officials to snowstorm was irresponsible

The state of emergency declared by N.C. officials was an irresponsible epic fail.

It’s called weather – sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes rainy, and, yes, sometimes it snows. People continue with activities, education and commerce.

Declaring an emergency feeds the sense of panic fostered by the equally irresponsible news media.

In 2015, the governed require common sense, integrity and good judgment from our leaders. If you fail one, much less all three, we are prepared to replace you.

Frank Stokes


In response to “Brevard College will pull funds out of fossil fuels” (Feb. 22):

Here’s hoping others follow in Brevard’s green footsteps

Kudos to Brevard College, yet another institution committed to divesting not only of its fossil fuel instruments, but to reinvesting them with green technologies.

Many people have lamented over their perceived inability as individuals to “make a real difference” regarding climate change.

Now they can join other people, along with institutions like Brevard, in the growing movement called Divest-Invest.

In putting our money where our commitment is to caring for the environment, we are helping to create the change to alternative energy.

Nancy C. Bryant