Letters to the Editor

GOP disrespected Obama for 8 years, so I’m doing the same to Trump

You scorned Obama, I’ll scorn Trump

I find it ironic that people are demanding that it is un-American for people to not give President-elect Trump respect. I remember that Mr. Trump tried to delegitimize President Obama by claiming that he was born in Kenya and was a Muslim.

The speaker of the House, the majority leader of the Senate and Republican members of both bodies promised to obstruct Obama on every issue. Republicans did this on the night that President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009.

When Donald Trump and all members of the House and Senate publicly apologize to President Obama and the American people for being un-American over the past eight years, I will give President-elect Trump the respect he deserves.

Bob Cubbler, Charlotte

Liberal losers’ pain brings me joy

We deplorables have cringed daily for eight years because of the bad decisions Barack Obama has made.

We have rolled our eyes and discussed these dictatorial endeavors among ourselves, without any assistance from the liberal mainstream media. We sucked it up because Obama won the presidency, twice.

Now that we have toppled this phony regime and its horde of lemmings, they are beside themselves, like lost sheep. How could this happen?

To watch these losers whining and protesting and recounting is satisfying; knowing their idea of utopia has been shattered is exhilarating.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Trump’s financial info? Who cares?

In response to “Will Trump file financial disclosure forms in 2017?” (Dec. 3):

To (the writers of the story) Msrs. Hall and Gordon ... It must come as a huge surprise to you that WE DON’T CARE!

Patricia Broderick, Mooresville

Keep the peace, Scott protesters

In response to “Thoughts on Keith Scott shooting, the protests, and what’s left unsaid” (Dec. 4 Mark Washburn commentary):

Mr.Washburn reminds us “... people will believe what they want to believe.”

A foregone conclusion based on lies, innuendo and sensationalism and leading immediately to riots and injuries serves no legal purpose.

Mr.Washburn challenges us to “... find a way to get ourselves together.”

As vigorously as changes and corrections are asked, no, demanded, by our black community for this complicated puzzle, perhaps just one word from our First Amendment should be shouted from the rooftops ... it’s peaceably people, it’s peaceably!

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Segregation is just human nature

In response to “Can segregated schools work in CMS? Teach for America forum says yes” (Dec. 5):

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 brought equality to the forefront. In reality, no matter how the law reads, people of all races and nationalities will congregate with others with whom they have something in common.

Whether in schools, the workplace, churches and even in prison, humans tend to stick with others with whom they have a common interest.

This is plain old human nature.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

Cuban people betrayed by visits

In response to “Cuban-American community welcomes direct flights” (Dec. 3):

I agree with law professor Humberto “Beau” Baez’s view that spending one day in Cuba would be a “betrayal” to the Cuban people. My brother-in-law, Frank Machado, and his mother, father, sister and brother fled Cuba during the revolution with only the clothes on their backs.

Frank died a few years ago from cancer. This letter is a tribute to Francisco (Frank), his family and all the other Cuban families who died and who lost their homeland to a dictatorial beast.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

No wonder more folks shop online

On Monday, I went Christmas shopping in two major retail stores. Both were pretty full of shoppers, but in both cases, there was only one person on the floor to help me. And, in both stores, only one checkout line was open. In one store, the checkout person had been so poorly trained, she had to call her supervisor for every customer.

And the big-box retailers wonder why more and more people do their shopping online?

John Cox, Charlotte