Letters to the Editor

Forum writer’s letter proves Clinton’s point about ‘deplorables’

Gleeful gloating proves deplorable

In response to “Liberal losers’ pain brings me joy” (Dec. 7 Forum):

Donald Trump supporter and serial Forum writer Dickie Benzie displays even less grace and civility than his candidate.

It was wrong for Hillary Clinton to call her opponents deplorable, but Mr. Benzie’s childish taunts and gleeful gloating merely prove her point.

Wayne Hill, Charlotte

Obama acted with dignity and grace

I don’t know Forum writer Dickie Benzie, but I do know this: His hate-filled words practically burned a hole in his four paragraph Forum space. And this is exactly why many Americans are “beside themselves.”

I will go high to understand and accept that Mr. Benzie did not support President Obama, but I invite him to acknowledge that while Mr. Obama was not flawless, he did serve all Americans with dignity and grace.

Have empathy, Mr. Benzie. I do for you because it appears that you have drunk not only the exhilarating Kool-Aid, but the poison as well.

Lisa Delano, Mooresville

Carson is qualified to take helm at HUD

In response to “Carson is a terrible pick to lead HUD” (Dec. 8 Our View):

Your Uncle Tomming of Dr. Ben Carson was disgusting.

Dr. Carson spent his life serving others as a surgeon and now wants to operate on our decayed inner cities, and you say he’s not qualified even though he was brought up in one of those cities.

We are just weeks from getting rid of the least qualified executive ever elected and Observer editorial writers have the nerve to suggest Dr. Carson is a token? Seriously?

Jon Hoin, Charlotte

Push for diversity widened my world

In response “Segregation is just human nature” (Dec. 7 Forum):

True, we tend to clump to a common interest.

That’s why in a crowd I will usually be found among those who also embrace technology, lifelong learning, a lively discussion on a variety of topics, and a “special” sense of humor.

Had it not been for a budding attempt at diversity while I was in public high school, I might not have realized my interests are shared with those of every race, gender, academic, economic, or social background.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Back off and give Trump a chance

To listen to the threats, innuendos and lack of civility from some liberal politicians, the media, and “pissed off lefties,” one would think the world was coming to an end!

Bernie Sanders even threatens President-elect Trump if he dares do this or that. Jill Stein – pushed full speed by the Democrats – acts as if she knows Trump cheated.

Lighten up left, give the man his chance; he earned it. And if enough of you and enough of us don’t like him in four years, we’ll boot him out.

However, I suspect we will find him refreshing to say the least!

Murray Coulter, Charlotte

Wish Time had picked someone else

This is the year that Time magazine could have done us all a big favor by adopting new criteria for choosing its “Person of the Year.”

The whole world has already been over-exposed to that face and hair.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

A good man ousted over a ‘toilet issue’

Congratulations, your newspaper helped defeat the governor.

He was a good man, bad-mouthed over a toilet issue and a toll road issue that the Observer constantly badgered him about, including your liberal cartoonist.

Unfortunately, the new governor will have to deal with a Republican president and a Republican-dominated Congress.

How good is that going to be for North Carolina? And all over a toilet issue and a toll road!

Frank Hillis, Waxhaw

I just wanted to read about charity effort

In response to “Drive kicks off to send gifts around the world” (Dec. 7):

I was enjoying the article about Operation Christmas Child. It is a wonderful program that has touched countless numbers of children.

But leave it to the Observer to drag HB2 into it.

That was not necessary and was most certainly off-topic.

You just can’t help yourselves, I guess.

Lissa Tipple, Charlotte