Letters to the Editor

McCrory wasn’t the level-headed moderate voters elected

Tom Basch
Tom Basch

McCrory betrayed himself and voters

In response to “A good man ousted over a toilet issue” (Dec. 9 Forum):

When it comes down to it, Gov. Pat McCrory was not ousted over a “toilet issue.” He was ousted because he was elected as a level-headed moderate and from the very beginning was a doormat for the legislature.

Having watched McCrory all of his years in Charlotte, I find it difficult to believe that in his heart he supported many of the bills he signed into law for the overzealous N.C. legislature.

He was ousted because he betrayed himself, and by extension the people of North Carolina.

Tom Basch, Charlotte

Prosecuting police seems to be futile

In response to “Charlotte and Charleston, through others’ eyes” (Dec. 7 Opinion):

Yes, Keith Larson, the District Attorney made the right decision – just not for the reasons you, or he, stated.

If a Charlotte jury couldn’t convict a cop for shooting an unarmed man multiple times, and a Charleston jury can’t convict a cop for shooting an unarmed man in the back multiple times, then shooting a man for what you think he might do instead of what he is actually doing is obviously not a crime.

Trying to prosecute a cop for anything is an exercise in futility.

Larry Tyson, Charlotte

Carson will bring wanted change

In response to “Carson is a terrible pick to lead HUD” (Dec. 8 Our View):

Not surprising that your editorial took issue with Dr. Ben Carson becoming the next HUD secretary.

However, calling him unqualified for the job proves once again the mainstream media doesn’t recognize the changes voted in by America.

Many argued that President Obama was unqualified to be president, but not the press.

To be sure, his cabinet was full of unqualified personnel. The two VA secretaries were woefully incompetent, and let’s not exclude the current Transportation choice, just to name a few.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Trump has earned criticism he’s getting

In response to “Media criticizes Trump at its peril” (Dec. 8 Forum):

As an older American (73), I’d like to say that Forum writer Craig Reutlinger doesn’t speak for me.

Donald Trump has earned all the criticism he has received.

Trump needs to quit being so thin-skinned, stop being insulting, quit shooting from the hip, shut down his Twitter account, and begin to act presidential. Until he does these things, he is unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

The media are the only means by which elected officials can be held accountable.

Richard French, Davidson

I’ll support Trump, but not coarseness

I have no quarrel with supporting Donald Trump and fervently hope he will do well as our president despite the fact I did not support his election.

However, the ongoing angst I suffer is that all the values I was raised with and passed on to my children – to always speak and be respectful to others, be polite, speak the truth, don’t brag on yourself or exaggerate facts, and to not spread rumors or gossip – seem to have all gone by the wayside as a man who embraces all that I was taught not to do has been elected to our highest office as a symbol of our values to the world.

I can only hope that his policies and actions live up to his promises, but I don’t envision him ever changing his personality to be a beacon of hope and an example to our children.

Coarseness and vulgarity seem to be the new currency of acceptable behavior.

Richard McGregor, Charlotte

Less educated doesn’t mean stupid

In response to “Sure, take credit for that Trump vote” (Dec. 8 Forum):

For many progressives like Forum writer Rudy Brhel, Trump voters are “less educated and ill informed.”

One should remember a tenet of Professor T.R. Fehrenbach: “Just because the barbarian is ignorant, doesn’t mean he’s stupid.”

Joe F. Myers, Charlotte

I like Trump’s strong cabinet choices

I supported Donald Trump because I felt he would pick a strong cabinet and he is doing just that with amazing, non-feckless talent that we need.

I also felt he would aggressively attack our many problems, and he is already.

Those who are depressed because he won will eventually see that the best happened. Be patient and give him his chance.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte