Letters to the Editor

Time for Tweety-Bird Trump to grow up and lead America


Enough theatrics, Donald; try leading

In response to “Scoffing at CIA, Trump dismisses data on hacking” (Dec. 11):

President-elect Tweety-Bird would do well to stop treating the transition like a reality show and get down to business. These are dangerous times, so he should set aside his denigrating the CIA or any other government agency trying to get at the truth behind the recent election.

Enough with persecution complex, President-elect Tweety-Bird. It has grown tiresome.

Time to can the theatrics and show the voters who elected you the leadership qualities you claim to possess!

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Perilous times for our democracy

If, as the CIA has concluded, Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential race to assist in the election of Donald Trump, that act of espionage can truly be characterized as deplorable. Wait, haven’t I heard a similar term before?

Lord have mercy on our country and, indeed, our entire world.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Russia couldn’t hack America’s elections

The 2016 election was not hacked. No computer or voting machine can be hacked if it is not connected to the internet.

That’s a cyber-fact. No voting machines were connected to the internet.

Bruce Jacik, Charlotte

Russia allegations don’t scare me

Please spare me the false indignation being professed by both political parties over such a non-issue. I’m old enough to remember when Nixon opened the doors to recognition of China, now a major holder of our debt.

The real questions in all this fake furor are: Why hasn’t the Administration taken some actions against Russia for their previous hacking activities, and why didn’t the DNC better secure its IT operations?

Charles A. Newton, Charlotte

Is cartoonist sore over Trump win?

In response to Kevin Siers’ “Frosty the Trump Supporter” cartoon (Dec. 11):

Hey Kevin, sorry Trump inconvenienced you by winning the election! You and your friends can suck lemons while I enjoy the feeling of euphoria! I am not sure what delighted me more, that we won, or that you and your liberal media buddies and networks lost!

Merry Christmas!

Peter J. Augusta, Charlotte

If Carson pick’s bad, what about Foxx?

In response to “Carson is a terrible pick to lead HUD” (Dec. 8 Our View):

The Observer views Republican Ben Carson as a bad choice to head HUD because “he knows little about housing policy.”

Did I miss an editorial about Democrat Anthony Foxx’s selection to head the U.S. Department of Transportation with his vast experience as mayor when an 8,000-foot-long streetcar track was built?

Dale Saville, Charlotte

Trump’s fans revel in his coarseness

In response to “I’ll support Trump, but not coarseness” (Dec. 11 Forum):

I share Richard McGregor’s rejection of Donald Trump’s vulgarity and coarseness. However, his die-hard supporters were drawn to his vulgar attacks on opponents and his coarse personality.

Many only care that he will rid the nation of Muslims, immigrants and refugees – forgoing respect, inclusiveness and decency.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Shame on you, Trump voters

Most would agree that at the very minimum, the President of the United Sates of America should not be a bully, bigot, racist, misogynist, narcissist, etc.. Anyone who voted for Donald Trump knowing his innumerable deficiencies is egregious!

I liken this fiasco (politically) to what the law calls “depraved indifference.” Donald Trump is dangerous for our country in so many ways.

If you chose to turn a blind eye to who he proudly and unapologetically told us he is, that is criminal morally, though not legally.

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

The fix is in on Wells Fargo fraud probe

In response to “Four Wells Fargo directors leading accounts probe” (Dec. 10):

The Wells Fargo chair, vice-chair and two members of the board of directors make up the “independent” committee investigating sales fraud at the bank.

What a charade! I expect their findings to be less than forthright.

Dale Williams, Boone