Letters to the Editor

People of N.C. deserve better from leadership in Raleigh

Donna Bernard
Donna Bernard

I’m ashamed of actions in Raleigh

In response to “Lawmakers look to limit Cooper’s power as governor” (Dec. 14) and related articles:

I am shocked and alarmed to see that our legislature is openly trying to deny Gov. Roy Cooper the very powers it enacted for Pat McCrory’s benefit.

The people of North Carolina elected Cooper and they do not expect the legislature to handcuff his efforts by taking away those powers.

There cannot be two sets of rules in Raleigh.

I am ashamed of those who are putting party ahead of the desires of their citizenry.

Shame, shame. I hope your efforts result in a trip to the Supreme Court and ensuing punishment for obstruction of rule of law.

Donna Bernard, Statesville

Make N.C. better, not a dictatorship

I was dismayed when I read the ways the Republican dominated state legislature is attempting to stifle and limit the due powers and rights of the Governor-elect, Roy Cooper.

Where’s the balance of power? Where’s the good will and cooperation in making North Carolina a better state to live and work in?

It seems like they’re working on becoming a well-oiled dictatorship! The voices and votes of their constituents apparently don’t matter.

Elizabeth Will, Shelby

I’ll accept new leader, so should N.C. GOP

Have we given up on democracy as a country and state?

Stripping our newly elected governor of his powers to run the state is very much what our Republican Congress leadership did in 2009 to our newly elected president.

It’s hard enough to support this great state with its past leadership, and we now have to start all over again with folks who really don’t want to become a government that supports its citizens and their votes.

I’m willing to accept new leadership, why can’t our General Assembly also?

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

$6 more? Thanks for nothing, Congress

I want to take a moment to thank Congress and the Social Security Administration for the much needed .3 percent increase in my Social Security check for 2017 – $6 a month. Wow. I can hardly wait!

Of course there was also an increase in my Medicare and taxes, so my net increase is zero dollars.

It won’t bother me at all when members of the Republican-led, do-nothing Congress give themselves a increase for the hard work they haven’t done in eight years.

I mean after all, why not take the food out of a senior’s mouth to feed yourselves if you have the power to?

Jimmie Austin, Charlotte

In Aleppo I see changing face of war

In response to “Aleppo cease-fire falls apart” (Dec. 15):

One can only imagine the terrible fate of the civilians living and dying under the murderous bombing and shelling of Aleppo.

Prior to World War II images of war were often battlefields strewn with corpses or rows of wounded and dying soldiers in makeshift hospitals.

High-tech “smart” weapons of modern warfare still produce rows of wounded and dying combatants in hospitals, with the great difference being that among them are large numbers of civilian men, women and children.

Joe Burton, Raleigh

Upside of having a wealthy cabinet

One advantage of the appointment of so many wealthy people to high-level jobs: There will be fewer who need and try to make their fortune off of the taxpayers. Cheers!

William Wortman Jr., Statesville

Time to bring back red-light cameras

In response to “Stop driving like this is a NASCAR track” (Dec. 16 Forum):

I drive W.T. Harris Boulevard quite often early in the morning. It amazes me that the 45 mph zone after crossing The Plaza appears to be totally ignored.

Drivers proceed at 55 mph and above on the stretch between The Plaza and Sharon Amity.

I have come to the conclusion that speed limits on Charlotte streets must be a suggested speed.

We absolutely must bring back the red-light cameras. It appears the “norm” is to have three or more cars slide through a red light before anyone can proceed on green.

Vickey Benfield, Charlotte