Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 3.12.15

In response to “Attacks on the presidency” (March 10 Viewpoint):

Who will suffer from the letter to Iran?

It did not surprise me that 47 Republican senators decided to undermine the president, since there is precedence in Republican traitorous activities.

In 1968, then presidential candidate Richard Nixon ordered his liaison to the South Vietnamese Government, Anna Chennault, to tell the South Vietnamese to refuse any cease fire negotiated by President Johnson. The South Vietnamese did and an additional 20,000 names were added to the wall.

Wonder how many names this group of GOP traitors will be responsible for?

Jack Flynn


Seems like the president is the one who’s on the attack

Mr. Waldman attacks senators for not respecting the office of the president. I’m not sure what his problem is. President Obama has made it his hallmark to attack Congress, especially Republicans, the courts and has intruded upon the prerogatives of various agencies.

Now comes Mr. Waldman to ask others to be kind and gentle to the man who ruins lives and businesses as a matter of course.

Oh please, remove the blinders.

Lewis Guignard

Crouse, N.C.

In response to “Netanyahu’s Churchillian warning” (March 7 Viewpoint):

Krauthammer wants president to mimic Iran policy failures

Charles Krauthammer criticizes Barack Obama for not following “the policy of every president since 1979” toward Iran. What he fails to mention is that this policy has produced absolutely no success in solving the problem, after 36 years.

Carl King


In response to “Why stop with crossing double-yellow lines?” (March 5 O-pinion):

Don’t bet on drivers following double-yellow guidelines

The crossing double-yellow line rule as proposed by some legislators is certainly a hair-brained scheme as it stands. However, it is even worse as I am sure many drivers will ignore the stated conditions that a slow-moving vehicle must be going at or less than half the speed limit to cross the double line and pass – also without going over the speed limit.

Herb Corday


In response to “Another lesson from Ferguson” (March 6 Our View):

We all should be against revenue-generating justice

As a liberty-loving registered Republican, I find myself in rare agreement with the Charlotte Observer, the Obama administration, and Eric Holder’s Justice Department. When you look past the image of a white police officer shooting a black youth, you see a justice system in Ferguson, Mo., and surrounding towns perverted into revenue generation.

Whether it is a red light camera, a speed camera, or a court system that extracts $600 per resident per year in fines and fees, justice perverted for financial gain is justice denied.

Mary Joan Florence


With a glut of oil, why do we still need Keystone pipeline?

Thousands of job losses in the oil and gas industry are due a worldwide glut of oil. Storage tanks in the Midwest are 70 percent full, and if this continues oil may need to be stored at sea on tankers.

So, why do we need the Keystone pipeline? Are Republicans not aware of this information or do they choose to ignore it in their never-ending effort to compromise the environment in the name of development?

Steve Benson


In response to “I support Israel, but not Netanyahu; he’s the one who showed disrespect” (March 8 Forum):

Obama shows more disrespect in how he treats Israel

President Obama is the only standing president in modern times to have never visited Israel. That is far more disrespectful than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress.

If Netanyahu was our president, we wouldn’t be having half of the problems in the world that the U.S. is having today.

Richard Rubenstein