Letters to the Editor

City leaders in denial; CIAA must go

Steve Monroe
Steve Monroe

City leaders blind to CIAA violence

In response to “City manager ‘confident’ in the safety of hosting CIAA tournament” (March 3):

Four consecutive years of violence... This year, 100 shots fired randomly.

Still, our blindly politically correct city leaders embrace the CIAA tournament and its history of violence.

It will take deaths before Charlotte acts to distance itself from the violence.

Only through the lens of identity politics can this level of denial be understood.

Steve Monroe, Charlotte

There’s no need for Sessions to resign

In response to “Jeff Sessions misled the Senate. He should resign” (March 3 Our View):

Really, you want Jeff Sessions to resign?

No one has one speck of evidence that anyone in the Trump administration had anything to do with the Russian hacking, but the world is coming to an end.

If it were not for Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee’s total lack of security on their email devices, there would not even be a Russian hacking story.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

I want a truthful AG with a sharp memory

Jeff Sessions lied under oath. Another thing: He claims he can’t remember talking with the Russian ambassador about specific things like the campaign.

Can we possibly use a man with such a very short memory span as an attorney general?

I thought it was essential that the U.S. Attorney General should have a sharp memory.

Severin Jacobsen, Indian Trail

Follow immigration law, just like I did

I am a legal immigrant who went through the process, which is not easy and was very costly just with the filing fees.

I do not understand why some in the media call these people protesting immigrants! They are not all immigrants, some of them are illegal or undocumented immigrants.

There is a reason for these laws. If yelling and protesting works, then there is no law.

I paid my dues and so should everyone else!

Suzanne Oliver, Charlotte

McCain, Graham stop throwing mud balls

In response to “ ‘The time for small thinking is over’ ” (March 1) and related articles:

Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress was a bottom of the ninth, grand-slam home run.

My greatest fear is some Republican senators will break rank and join the Democrats on crucial votes against our conservative agenda.

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham need to stop throwing mud balls and get on board with our president. He has a bold agenda, thinks big, and will make America great again.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Where’s the beef, Mr. Trump? I’m waiting

Except for some hasty executive actions on immigration, President Donald Trump has been in office a month and a half and he has announced no specific initiatives to deliver on his myriad campaign promises.

Repeal and replace Obamacare, rebuild infrastructure, fix Veterans Affairs, provide tax relief, build a wall, defeat ISIS – these things take money, of which the government has a finite supply unless Congress changes the budget rules and puts the printing press into overdrive.

In his speech Tuesday, Mr. Trump spoke again about his goals and aspirations. All well and good, but the campaign is over.

It’s time to put in place real programs that accomplish those goals and explain how the country will pay for them.

Steven Nesbit, Charlotte

Liked Trump’s tone, now get facts straight

While I am all for giving the president a chance, the early returns are not promising mixing in equal parts chaos, incompetence and lying.

I was pleased his speech had a better tone, but it is disappointing that a prepared speech had eight or so untruthful comments.

Our problems are hard enough to solve with factual data, but more difficult when we govern by rhetoric. Let’s hope he improves in this regard.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte


The headline on Ken Randall’s letter in Thursday’s Forum was incomplete. It should have said “I don’t care about illegal immigrants’ woes”.