Letters to the Editor

How much should a mistake cost someone his future?

In response to “Charlotte teen nearing graduation to remain jailed in immigration center” (March 11):

Local high school student Gus Zamudio is in an ICE facility in Georgia, instead of at home finishing his senior year.

Zamudio falls under DACA, but he was taken from the Mecklenburg County Jail because our sheriff’s department is one of the few agencies in the country that participates in the 287(g) Program.

Pundits, university officials and judges are quick to defend young white men accused of much worse, asking why ruin someone’s life over one mistake? Why then does this student who has grown up in Charlotte, who attends school here, has friends and teachers who love him, not deserve compassion?

The criminal court system will address the charges and hopefully the truth, whatever it is, will come out. But he doesn’t deserve to lose his future.

Andrea Lorenz, Charlotte