Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 3.13.15

In response to “Transgender debate is real life for her” (March 11):

A story of courage, and maybe hope, for Charlotte and its LGBT community

Heartfelt thanks to Janice Covington Allison for courage in sharing her inspiring journey, and to the Observer’s Mark Price for the well-done profile.

Perhaps there’s hope and support here for struggling LGBT persons of all ages in our community and a call to better, compassionate angels of our collective nature.

And just a note to those who opposed and voted-down basic equality for LGBT persons: Real pedophiles still have the same access to public restrooms that they always have.

Tish Stoker Signet


In response to “An attack on the presidency” (March 11 Viewpoint):

Republicans had reason to counter Obama on Iran

Washington Post writer Paul Waldman’s indignation of 47 Republican senators’ open letter to Iran’s leader warning of any agreement that may be reached between them and the Obama administration might be as invalid as a leaky colander.

Considering President Obama’s foreign affairs record with the Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and all of the Middle East, coupled with Islamic extremists getting their hand on nuclear weapons, these are unprecedented times requiring unprecedented action.

Barry Marshall


What’s the real purpose behind obstructionist letter?

The letter to Tehran signed by 47 Republican senators is the ultimate in obstructionism. Without full knowledge of all the details of the plan being negotiated, the Republicans have again demonstrated that they will go to any lengths to block the plan.

Perhaps they are less concerned with Iran’s nuclear capabilities than with undermining this administration’s foreign policy initiatives. Perhaps their purpose is to improve their image ahead of 2016 simply by opposing this president on everything.

Joseph J. Salerno


In response to “Chief Monroe, is this how to build trust in CMPD?” (March 11 Keith Larson column):

Chief Monroe must protect citizens, officers and evidence

Keith Larson’s opinion regarding Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe’s transparency demonstrates both his ignorance of our legal system and bias against police officers. Evidence in pending cases must be protected to ensure a fair trial and to discourage trying cases in the media.

I also wonder if Larson would consent to wearing a live-feed body camera available for “at will” public viewing in his job as he would have our officers do. Chief Monroe regularly reaches out to the community, and Larson’s criticism is both unwarranted and unreasonable.

David Stout Jr.


Automatic gratuity charges not a rare thing in food service

Let’s not act like this is an abnormal occurrence and try to tie race into the motive. If we dine with six or more friends, the gratuity is normally added. If you go on a cruise, everything you do has an automatic add on.

The overriding reason for this is, like it or not, there are a lot of cheapskates out in the world that would not think twice (or at all) about stiffing the minimum wage server out of their earned tip. No grand conspiracy; just making a person do the right thing for the persons waiting on them.

Bill Wallace


In response to “CMS exploring single-gender schools” (March 10):

CMS should consider all possible paths for children

Are all children college material? Of course not. Will we always need electricians, carpenters, auto mechanics and HVAC technicians? Absolutely! So please, don’t stop with just police and fire magnets. Give children many choices as they contemplate the buffet of life from which they must choose.

Coy Powell