Letters to the Editor

I wasn’t a Trump voter, but I like his budget cuts


Trump budget cuts are necessary

There was no way anyone could have convinced me to vote for Donald Trump before the election, but I sure like what he is doing in office. Cut government spending. I keep reading about folks being upset over losing government funding of their favorite program.

In almost every case it’s for things that are not the government’s job. Not good use of YOUR tax money. In every case there is a simple way to make up the funding. Create a private organization to collect money from people who care about that program. Private organizations will always do a better job of providing services and properly managing funds.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Nude Trump toon is disrespectful

In response to “Toonin’ ” (March 18):

My wife, and I, find Mike Luckovich's Saturday, March 18, 2017 political cartoon extremely offensive, demeaning, and disgusting, both to the office of President and i's present holder, President Donald Trump. What were you thinking? You would have been served better by printing nothing at all.

Charles and Betty Diman, Charlotte

Trump hasn’t earned presidential respect

In response to “Toonin’ ” (March 18):

Hurray for freedom of the press and those brave enough to stand up for their rights. A friend, outraged by a cartoon posted by The Charlotte Observer Saturday March 18 portraying Trump in the nude, said that a U.S. president should not be illustrated as such. My response: if one doesn't act presidential, the person does not deserve to be treated presidentially.

Jo Ann Lee, Charlotte

Mary Jo was an inspiration, she will be missed

In response to “Loss of Mary Jo’s founder tears a hole in the fabric of the Carolinas” (March 18):

Tears streamed down as I read of Mary Jo’s passing. For over 50 years, I loved her wonderful institution filled with fabric and special sales ladies who understood the art of sewing and pinching one's dollar – opining as to the suitability of the chosen fabric, cutting just the right amount and no more. Here was fabric for my 4-H dress revue clothes, Easter dresses, Junior Miss pageant clothes (sewing was my unusual talent), my entire college wardrobe, drapes for my homes, and my daughter’s prom gown. Mary Jo’s was always my first stop and I marveled at her success. This tiny woman was a huge inspiration.

Nancy Black Norelli,


Safety should be our budget priority

Our military is at the lowest strength in two decades. Ask any military leader. The current administration is trying to correct this. The last time I checked the U.S. did not have a large savings account. Reducing other programs is the only way to cover this cost. Of course we could just wait for China, Russia or North Korea to come marching in and then they could take over meals on wheels or Daniel Tiger.

Richard Welch, Fort Mill

Keep politics out of N.C. courtrooms

The Republicans in our General Assembly think we need more politics in our courtrooms. So they're trying to make judicial elections partisan. “Voter's need more info about the candidates for judge,” they say.

We voters want to know if our judges are honest, capable and of good character. Making them more like politicians will not help in that process. One need only consider the current level of politics in Raleigh to understand. As Gideon Tucker so famously put it in the late 1800s, “No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” Let’s try to keep politicians off the bench.

Edward Blair, Lenoir

On HB2 repeal mess, many words apply

In response to “We didn’t ‘founder’ with word usage!” (March 19 Forum):

In reference to trying to deal with HB2, “to flounder” meaning “to flop about like a fish out of water” could be an equally appropriate verb. Perhaps the similarity in sound with founder is why the image of that bottom feeding fish is used. No one says “to trout” to evoke that image.

But there might be another fish that could describe the creation of much legislation: to crappie.

William C. Barnes,