Letters to the Editor

Sean Spicer’s job is mission impossible


Sean Spicer’s job is mission impossible

How many times does White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer have to mop up what the President of the United States of America has loosely spewed from his lips or tersely tweeted? This goes far beyond sensible logic and reason to full-flushed embarrassment. His absurdity at attempting to decipher or reword is akin to a tete a tete. He said, no, let me rephrase that to mean, he said. It appears to me that Spicer is counting on citizens to be quite gullible. The fact is that with Trump’s 37 percent lowest Gallup presidential approval rating since taking office, Spicer’s job description is highly underrated. A more appropriate title for Spicer would be White House Press Sweeper.

Kris Solow, Charlotte

Health care is national security

Spending on hard power is a huge guessing game: where’s the next war, what shall we develop to fight it, what will the after effects cost, can we even win it?

A better choice would be in insuring a healthier, more productive population intent on being the best it can be with fewer jealousies and more common purpose. Is it even possible with our leadership intent on division, distraction and treating facts like peas in a shell game. Thinking that rich is a synonym for smart and talking loud signifies wisdom is the corollary for confusing belly button lint for the Golden Fleece.

Phillip Hazel, Statesville

Federal money not meant for aid

Government’s purpose is to protect citizen’s persons and property from crime and invasion.

But we have a government which is used as a jobs program for people who support a political party and this distracts it from its fundamental purpose.

Private or local government aid works. Federal boondoggles hurt.

Christopher Hollins,


Liberals, Obama went golfing too

In response to “Trump vacation budget needs cutting” (March 22 Forum):

Did Ms. Dulin forget that President Trump will donate his entire salary back to the government?

Or did she forget all the golfing jaunts President Obama made during his eight years? Or perhaps she forgot that President Trump plans to donate all proceeds from his overseas resorts to the U.S. Government coffers?

Perhaps she is just one of the many liberals who are out for blood.

I think before speaking out on an issue against someone, people should check their facts first.

Karen Phillips, Monroe

Could CATS provide shuttles to groceries?

In response to “Groceries should do more to reach poor” (March 22 Forum):

Tom Schmutzler is headed in the right direction when he proposes that Mohammed go to the mountain instead of the reverse. However it is reasonable that grocery chains institute free food shuttles to poor neighborhoods only if it is profitable for them. On the other hand, it is the purpose and duty of governments to serve their citizens, and it appears to me to be more reasonable to expect CATS to run such shuttles between food-poor neighborhoods and groceries; indeed, between poor neighborhoods and shopping areas in general.

Robert Scharff, Charlotte

Grocers aren’t obligated to help

In response to “Groceries should do more to reach poor” (March 22 Forum):

My understanding of the retail grocery business is that their goal is to make money, not crusade for social equality. If it is a profitable venture to build a store in an area, they will build one.

Short of that, individuals that seek to have government control markets and force benevolence are more than welcome to deliver as many loads of groceries to any neighborhood they wish at their own expense.

Mike Wilson, Concord

No surprise McCrory can’t find a job

Apparently former Charlotte mayor and North Carolina Gov. McCrory admits he can’t find a job. A man with his experience and qualifications shouldn’t be having such problems, especially since he appears to be a friend of the new president. But we citizens must also remember what he did (or didn’t do) for our state, especially when it comes to incoming money versus increased taxes. HB2 has kept large amounts of revenue, which North Carolina used to enjoy from sports and business, away from us, which used to offset increases in taxes, both business and personal. By the way, my local Walmart is looking for a greeter right now.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte