Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.16.15

Lynn Wheeler
Lynn Wheeler Sean Busher

Charlotte losing two admirable public servants

There are two women I admire most in this community and both are stepping down from their posts: One is Anne Tompkins, U.S. attorney, who is leaving for a private sector job, and the second is Jane McIntyre, who is retiring as head of the United Way.

Each has made significant impacts and are leaving lasting legacies. My heart feels deeply saddened that we are losing their leadership.

Lynn Wheeler


In response to “What is Hillary Clinton hiding?” (March 11 Viewpoint):

No more congressional hearings; appoint a special prosecutor

When Bill Clinton was president, Congress appointed a special prosecutor to investigate his lying.

Why not appoint a special prosecutor to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s personal hard drives/servers? They could get Hillary and Obama in one fell swoop. She is not going down without taking him with her!

Douglas Broccone


In response to “Income tax overhaul hits home” (March 8):

Revamped N.C. tax system is taking a bite out of senior citizens’ wallets

I’m 85 and living in a retirement home. No mortgage but big medical bills. Now I find the Republicans have eliminated medical deductions but allow mortgage deductions, so my state tax triples!

What have the Republicans got against us old folks? Maybe all old Republicans are rich. Not me!

Stan Schmitt


In response to “Republicans warn Iran on nuke deal” (March 10):

Obama, not the 47 senators, bears blame for mishandling Iran deal

Obama and his administration are once again going around the Congress, specifically the Senate, by making a treaty.

Obama knows the Senate will not approve his proposed treaty, so he is trying his executive order thing again. That is why the senators wrote the letter explaining to Iran that the next president can make null and void what Obama is doing.

Obama should be impeached for not upholding his oath of office.

Larry Gregory


We should all be ashamed of the senators who wrote to Iran

I am disgusted and saddened beyond belief. In my 73 years of life, I would never have found it believable that an Iranian prime minister could show more maturity and statesmanship than 47 members of Congress.

They must be held accountable if we are ever to regain any respect in the world.

C.W. Givens

Rock Hill, S.C.

Even if you don’t respect Obama, try to respect the office he holds

I am 49 years old and I proudly cast my first vote for President Ronald Reagan in 1984. I have voted for every Republican candidate for president since then.

I did not vote for President Obama. However, he is the lawfully elected President of the United States of America and I am appalled by the letter that 47 Republicans wrote to Iran, of all places. It makes me very sad, disappointed, and angry.

Patrick Flanagan


In response to “Where BOG is coming from” (March 12 Viewpoint):

UNC system board chairman’s explanations sound phony

John Fennebresque repeats the flimsy rationale that Tom Ross was removed merely because a change is good now and then. He also failed to mention that the UNC Poverty Center has received no financial support from the state since 2009.

It’s a piece long on political cover, and short on candor. Got any snake oil to sell, as well, Mr. Fennesbresque?

Pat McCoy


In response to “N.C. ranks No. 4 for subsidized health insurance” (March 13):

Increased Affordable Care Act enrollment is nothing to celebrate

To read that over a half million out of the alleged 11 million signups are from North Carolina speaks volumes. We may need better healthcare but this scam sure isn’t the answer.

Nicholas Pasquine

Lancaster, S.C.