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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.15.15

Craig Reutlinger
Craig Reutlinger

Lots of deleting going on at State Dept.

The Inspector General for the State Department has issued a report indicating that out of 1 billion (that’s right 1 billion) emails sent by State Department employees in 2011, just over 61,000 were kept. So in 2011 State Department employees destroyed 999,939,000 emails.

If one were to assume that State Department employees like Hillary Clinton deleted only personal emails, these individuals are devoting very little time to government business. If so, too bad we can’t dock their pay accordingly.

What’s wrong with a law that says if government employees destroy emails on their government computers they pay hefty fines and face automatic termination? Bet such a law would improve compliance.

Craig A. Reutlinger


Hillary Clinton shows poor leadership with email episode

The real issue with Hillary Clinton’s email account isn’t legal. It’s leadership. Leaders are supposed to hold themselves to higher standards, share risks and rewards with subordinates, and follow the rules.

It’s apparent that Clinton was thinking only of herself when she did what she did. She was not thinking of the impact her actions would have on subordinates – because she’s not a leader.

Dave Pfleeger


In response to “Where BOG is coming from” (March 12 Viewpoint):

Fennebresque explanation doesn’t convince this reader

UNC Board of Governors Chairman John Fennebresque states “Our decision to proceed with a leadership change had nothing to do with (Tom Ross’) performance, but simply reflects our belief that all great institutions can benefit from a change in leadership from time to time.”

Has the BOG never heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

There is more to this story than that. Politics anyone?

Mack White


In response to “Edwards on Hardy: ‘It’s bigger than football sometimes’” (March 12):

Greg Hardy teammate does right thing by speaking out

Thank you, Dwan Edwards, for being brave enough to stand up for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a horrific, brutal act committed by cowardly batterers. We all need to be brave and stand up for victims as you did.

Statistics show that 1 of every 4 women will be affected by domestic violence in their lifetime. I have 4 young granddaughters...

Brenda Murray


In response to “Lawmaker proposes end to gas tax” (March 12):

Scofflaws would dodge fee designed to replace gas tax

As I drive around Charlotte, I cannot help but notice how many expired North Carolina license plates I see.

An expired license plate means the owner of the vehicle has not paid to have the vehicle inspected, has not paid to renew the registration, and has not paid the vehicle property taxes. I wonder if they have insurance and a valid driver's license.

Knowing all this, how can one expect this person to pay the proposed $201 annual fee? It will be just another way to drive around on the dole. I say keep the gas tax.

John Fortson


Jeter proposal treats Hummers, Prius the same

My wife and I are retired and drive our 2004 Toyota Prius about 5,000 miles a year. Rep. Charles Jeter thinks our gasoline taxes should be the same as a person who drives a Hummer 35,000 miles per year. Not only does his proposed gas tax plan shift this tax burden to the elderly and the poor, but it also rewards the least thrifty among us.

Frank D. Long


47 senators did right thing by breaking with Obama on Iran

“Burr, Tillis disappoint by signing letter to Iran.” Baloney. We wouldn’'t have gotten to this point if it were not for the ineptitude of America’s premier backstabber, our Nobel Peace Prize winning president who received the highest award from the Neville Chamberlain School of Appeasement. Unity? Who wants unity with a president who seeks peace thru surrender?

Ed Mesko