Letters to the Editor

HB2 repeal: Gullible lawmakers give in to dollar signs

Agenda-pushers, almighty dollar won

In response to “Lawmakers vote Thursday on deal to repeal HB2” (March 29):

It seems the NCAA has exerted its influence and pushed its agenda on the people of North Carolina by flaunting dollar signs in front of the gullible lawmakers in Raleigh.

Allowing men to use women’s bathrooms is wrong, plain and simple. The lawmakers’ conception of common decency has taken a nose dive into the “toilet.”

The agenda-pushers owe a big thank you to Mayor Jennifer Roberts who started this fiasco by wanting it made law, along with the lame-brained legislators we put in office.

The almighty dollar circumvents common sense again.

Charles Palmer, Stallings

HB2 is the culprit; it’s not the mayor’s fault

The NCAA, NBA, and ACC do not have any right to interfere in N.C. politics. But they do have the right to hold their competitions wherever they like.

So if they don’t like North Carolina for any reason, it is in their purview to locate these events elsewhere.

For those who blame Mayor Roberts for the financial fiasco, it is HB2 that organizations are protesting and not the Charlotte ordinance!

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte

Let Trump try his way, nothing to lose

In response to “Government can’t be run like business” (March 30 Forum):

Since our government was founded it has been run “like a government” and what do we have to show for it?

Among other things, Social Security and Medicare face bankruptcy and our national debt is rising at an alarming rate because we continue to spend – or give away – money we don’t have.

President Trump says he wants to run our government “like a business.” Can it be any worse than our historical approach of running it “like a government?” Doesn’t he at least deserve a chance?

John Perugini, Waxhaw

I don’t want America to fail, but Trump is

In response to “Trump foes want America to fail” (March 30 Forum):

Forum writer Howard Honeycutt says “Trump haters” want America to fail and that President Trump is doing what he said he would do.

Both statements are absurd.

I don’t think Donald Trump is good for America, but he was elected and I fostered hopes that he’d be successful.

Where’s the money from Mexico to pay for the wall? Where’s the “fabulous” healthcare insurance that will cover all Americans and cost far less than Obamacare?

Why is ISIS still killing people, and why are the alligators in the White House bigger than ever?

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

Irresponsible pet owners frustrating

In response to “Escalating dog poop war among Rock Hill neighbors” (March 27):

We used to have a neighbor who walked his dog off-leash and our front yard became the dog’s favorite poop site.

I politely asked the neighbor to bag up his dog’s poop and was met with an expletive-filled refusal. So I’m on the side of whoever is leaving these bags of poop because, as I was, they are clearly fed up and frustrated.

Pet owners, be responsible neighbors and clean up your dogs’ messes!

Lissa Tipple, Charlotte

Immigrant or not, teen broke the law

The big headline in the Observer said “No high school graduation: Teen ordered to leave for Mexico,” (Mar. 29). But reading the article you find that the 18-year-old “adult” was arrested for embezzling $2,900 from the Harris Teeter store where he worked.

I find the Observer very left-wing. Crime is still against the law – even if committed by an immigrant who is here legally or illegally.

Jacquie Stroupe, Denver, N.C.

We’re ready to help decrease poverty

In response to “Task force on poor: City ‘not going back to business as usual’ ” (March 28):

The writer is Child Care Resources, Inc. board chair.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force got it right when its members identified three interrelated determinants most likely to have the greatest influence on the opportunity trajectory of an individual:

▪ Early care and education, which begins at birth

▪ College and career readiness

▪ Child and family stability

We stand ready to help make these recommendations become reality.

George Beckwith, Charlotte