Letters to the Editor

HB2: Justice delayed is justice denied

Emmie Alexander
Emmie Alexander

No justice to be found in HB2 repeal

So HB2 is repealed – sort of – but my LGBTQ family members and their friends can still be discriminated against for at least 3 1/2 more years.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Emmie Hancock, Davidson

I blame HB2 ‘damage’ on liberals

HB2 was written to provide for the continued protection and privacy of women and girls in bath/locker rooms.

The suggestion of “profound damage” was created and perpetrated by liberals. They wrote the Charlotte ordinance, then rallied liberals in sports groups and corporations to bully, threaten and coerce in order to force their will.

Gender is an issue of God-created science, not identity. There are two – not 63.

Debby Presson, Mint Hill

Shouldn’t have bowed to sports groups

Congratulations to N.C. Republican and Democratic politicians for allowing such paragons of virtue as the NCAA, ACC and NBA to dictate public policy and morals.

To paraphrase an old saying, “We have established what you are... it’s just a matter of determining price.”

John Petrie, Fort Mill, S.C.

Repeal isn’t perfect, but it’s a good start

In response to “Cooper turns back on LGBT community” (March 31 Our View):

This editorial misses the good for lack of the perfect.

House Bill 142 repeals some state-sanctioned discrimination, which is something every North Carolinian can celebrate.

This is a step in the right direction and the first step in the right direction our state has taken in years.

It is not perfect and our LGBTQ community deserves freedom and protection from our local, state and national government.

The signing of HB142 is an important step in that direction. More work needs to be done and we can get there as long as we don’t take an all or nothing approach.

Donald Addu, Durham

Property values no concern of CMS

In response to “Property values at stake amid rumors of secret plan” (March 30):

The writer is co-chair of Project LIFT.

Is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board now responsible for protecting property values in certain parts of our county?

Is that what I should gather from the prominence given to the article “Property values at stake amid rumors of secret plan”?

So much for our undistracted focus on economic mobility.

Richard “Stick” Williams, Huntersville

Airport Quran thief was a coward

In response to “Man steals 2 Qurans from airport chapel and leaves a note” (March 30):

To the “man” who did this: Hey, you – you are not only a thief, you are also a coward.

I would hesitate to describe you as a “man” if that is the way you stand up for your faith.

“Make a joyful noise” indeed – have yourself a rotten day. You deserve it.

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

Checks and balances serve all of us well

In response to “Government can’t be run like a business” (March 30 Forum):

Great thanks to Forum writer John Milholland for his very important clarification about the special roles of government and business. There is inherent tension between the two that can benefit us all.

Our U.S. Constitution requires separation of powers. The executive branch is not governor of the legislative or judicial branches.

This system of checks and balances is a great strength of our U.S. system of government.

Sister Mary Schmuck, Belmont

Skilled CEO must get good at governing

Those who expect government to run like a business fail to understand the roles of the private and public sectors.

Government exists to provide essential services that the private sector can’t or won’t provide.

For government to run like a business, government would have to turn a profit. Unfortunately, not everything that is profitable is a social necessity, and not everything that is necessary to society is profitable.

While Trump has the skills to run a business, he hasn’t shown the skills to govern. No one wants him to fail in Washington, but we need him to find the skills to succeed as the president, not as a CEO.

Suzanne Villar, Huntersville