Letters to the Editor

UNC beat Gonzaga, and the system

UNC beat Gonzaga, and the system

Congratulations to the people from Chapel Hill.

Not for winning the National Championship, but for stalling NCAA sanctions long enough to get to the Final Four. Any other university in the country would be in the second year of a multi-year post-season and TV ban (probably 10 years’ worth) for the level and length of academic fraud that UNC-CH was engaged in for athletic advantage. I suppose the old adage “cheaters never win” doesn’t apply to the Heels.

David Matthews,


Mecklenburg County making progress

Last week, the 2017 County Health Rankings were released and Mecklenburg County was rated 8th in the state. I’d like to congratulate the county on accomplishing this ranking for health outcomes. While this is great, there is still work that needs to be done and a great deal of opportunities to build a healthier community.

We have the opportunity to continue to work with the county to increase access to healthy foods at healthy corner stores especially in food deserts, build a more active and interconnected community with access to sidewalks and bike paths, and finally to support the tobacco control policies especially for our youth.

Diana Cook, Huntersville

Mayor Roberts is just out for herself

In response to “What matters to Mayor Roberts?” (Keith Larson, April 5):

Prior to Jennifer Roberts’ election as mayor, The Observer rightfully questioned her leadership ability. Keith Larson vividly points out what really matters to our “foot in mouth” mayor. She is a glad-hander who always has time for a photo op or moment to push her chosen agenda. Her lack of support for those who serve to protect us is glaring. Yes indeed, Ms. Roberts is transparent and it shows daily in her myopic leadership and lack of caring for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Tom Lewis, Charlotte

Hoping for a new mayor this year

In response to “What matters to Mayor Roberts?” (April 5):

After reading Keith Larson’s special in the Observer, I must agree with him. Mayor Roberts has got to be one of the most clueless mayors in the country. She isn’t on the front end of anything but controversy. Hopefully, the Democrats will oust her in the primary and we won’t see or hear from her anymore. It will be good riddance, Ms. Mayor.

Tom Payne, Charlotte

Businesses, tell us your HB2 stance

In response to “Let money talk on N.C. bathrooms” (April 5 Forum):

I agree with Howard Akers’s perspective on responding to the LGBT agenda. However, we should each take the initiative to ask our own questions of management and develop our own “list” of businesses we will patronize. Better yet, every business would clearly articulate their corporate position and make it well known.

Tom Duggins, Charlotte

Senators Burr and Tillis sold us out

Richard Burr sold us out for $58,500. Thom Tillis sold us out for $41,220.

That’s how much was donated to them by the telecoms and ISPs before the vote on internet privacy, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics (www.followthemoney.org). There was nobody on the planet who wanted this bill to pass except for the telecoms, the ISPs, and those in Congress whom they’d paid off. So my congrats go out to the likes of Comcast, Verizon, Spectrum, and AT&T. You made great purchases in Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. I’m sure they’ll be a nice addition to your personal decor. Perhaps you could set them on the mantel above the fireplace. Like trophies. They’ll give the room that nice feng shui of corporate lapdog you’ve been looking for.

John Hymer, Hickory

Trump is emperor with no clothes

I don’t understand the Trump Administration’s attacks on pollution control, conservation and climate change regulations. Rolling back coal mining regulations won’t protect one miner’s job. Opening national parks to drilling will adversely affect the economy overall, not boost it. And refusing to work on solutions to the problem of global climate change is short-sighted and foolhardy.

Trump’s supporters like his bullying, disrespectful attitude toward those with whom he disagrees, and his lack of concern for the long term consequences of his poorly reasoned actions. They cheer when Trump ignores facts and claims to be smarter than his generals. And they nervously mock those who point out that this emperor has no clothes.

Michael A. Clark,