Letters to the Editor

Well done, Mr. President! Bombing Syria was the right move

Herb Stark
Herb Stark

Trump 100% correct to bomb airbase

In response to “U.S. strikes Syrian military targets” (April 7):

President Donald Trump’s response in ordering an air strike to demolish the Syrian airbase used to enable planes to take off and rain bombs containing nerve gas on innocent civilians was absolutely 100 percent correct! Well done, Mr. President!

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Trump destabilized relations with Russia

In a 48-hour period President Donald Trump completely changed his stance on military involvement in Syria.

By completely pivoting on a plank of his campaign, President Trump has failed his promise to make America great.

Moreover, Bashar al-Assad is backed by the Russian government. Through a direct strike on Assad’s regime, President Trump has effectively destabilized relations with Russia.

Are we not bound by the social contract of citizenship to hold our public servants accountable? If so, Donald J. Trump must be brought forward to answer for his actions.

Ethan Virgil, Winston-Salem

U.S. doesn’t need another war

Campaign promise initiated: “Bomb the hell out of them.”

One man’s decision is not in the interest of the United States. Congress needs to be involved in this process.

I agree Syria is horribly wrong here, but so is another war. But with the debacle of the first 100 days, we must consider this: The White House is now becoming the proverbial “glass house.”

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

I see a plus side to Russian meddling

Were the Russians meddling in our election or benefiting all the world’s people by exposing the stinking, steaming pile of corruption created by segments of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign? This is the kind of muck our liberal media usually sweep under the rug.

Ed Tenney, Cornelius

With Gorsuch, GOP deepened the divide

In response to “Republicans rewrite the rule book for Gorsuch” (April 7):

Denying one Supreme Court nominee the opportunity for a hearing, keeping the vacancy open for 14 months, and then changing the rules to approve a second nominee will only serve to deepen an already all-too-broad partisan divide.

What goes around, comes around, and the thumbs-up photo of Sen. Mitch McConnell taken after he invoked the “nuclear option” may come back to haunt Congressional Republicans.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Rule change does long-term damage

I find the actions of the majority in the Senate over the last year or so to be both sad and disturbing.

Last week the Republicans changed the rules so that a Supreme Court nominee could be confirmed with just 50 votes.

This is a lifetime appointment for the highest court in the land.

No longer is the confirmation process required to be bipartisan. It can now be a confirmation process of only one party.

Bob Cubbler, Matthews

Don’t let bodacious checks buy votes

In response to “Senators Burr and Tillis sold us out” (April 6 Forum):

Yes, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis sold us out and for much more than their combined $99,720.

They also sold us out when Betsy DeVos opened her checkbook and started writing their names.

Election reform is a must.

Our representatives are supposed to act with us – their constituents – in mind. When our needs are cast aside in favor of those who write bodacious checks, the lawmakers fail.

This problem crosses party lines. We see the problem more clearly today because the goods bought and sold have been so very ridiculous.

Chris Horn Williams, Charlotte

Trump tweets about Clinton tiresome

President Trump, take note. Hillary Clinton lost the election, you won, and you’re now the president. No one disputes that.

Your intelligence community has moved on from investigating her role in Benghazi and investigating her 33,000 emails. But not you.

Clinton was in the hot seat for years. Now it’s your turn, but you keep trying to shift the focus back to her.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, maybe you can appreciate what she endured for years.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte