Letters to the Editor

Cannon should find a different job

Jim Beatty
Jim Beatty jwillhelm@charlotteobserver.com

Cannon on radio? ‘Say it ain’t so’

In response to “Radio gig could lead to Cannon’s political rebirth” (April 13):

First thing I thought of was the legend about the little boy who confronted Shoeless Joe Jackson about the 1919 World Series scandal and said: “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

Giving Saturday morning radio air time to former Mayor Patrick Cannon so he can pontificate about local issues? That should satisfy his ego just fine.

As I understand it, he had to have a job when released back upon us. I would suggest a job in a homeless shelter or perhaps some place like Habitat for Humanity.

Jim Beatty, Charlotte

Banks need more scrutiny, not less

In response to Robert Pittenger “ ‘Financial dictator’ hurting economy” (April 14 Opinion):

Congressman Robert Pittenger is very wrong.

The Wells Fargo and Bank of America fraud cases show that we need more strict, and enforced, banking laws to protect the consumer. And, we need jail time for CEOs of banks that break the law.

Marcus Henry, Reidsville

Enough already with immigration protests

In response to “This group’s immigration protest disrupted a council meeting. Now it plans a boycott.” (April 5):

Another Comunidad Colectiva protest May 1 in Marshall Park? For what?

These protests create more hate and divisiveness. Why don’t they get that?

And why do they have to always pick Marshall Park? Why don’t they go to the old Eastland Mall site where they have all the room they want.

Enough is enough!

Mike Metz, Charlotte

GOP, don’t wait. Renounce Pittman.

In response to “Cabarrus lawmaker: Abraham Lincoln was ‘tyrant’ like Hitler” (April 13):

Rep. Larry Pittman is an embarrassment to North Carolina.

It hurts my heart to think of the pain he has caused. More than anything it hurts to know his stated profession is to share the Gospel of Christ.

I call on the GOP and its leadership to immediately, unequivocally, and publicly repudiate Mr. Pittman.

I further call on the good people of Cabarrus County to stop electing him to the N.C. General Assembly.

Bill Powers, Charlotte

Does Pittman teach this to his flock?

At first I thought “Why give this guy any ink?” On second thought, we need to know what kind of thinker can actually get elected to the N.C. legislature.

Where did Rep. Pittman get these alternative facts about Abraham Lincoln? His comparison of legalized gay marriage to Hitler’s horrors is so over the top it defies description.

Did he teach this stuff to his children? Does he share it with the congregation he leads? Let us pray!

Morry Alter, Charlotte

End bombs, blame; heed Easter message

As we contemplate Easter, I think of the song that shaped my life: “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Its message is simple, beautiful; lost.

I’m white and privileged, but I’m ashamed of the aggressive push to disregard anyone different from ourselves. We blame the victim. We bomb to suit our needs, but close our doors to those affected. We liken civil rights heroes to Hitler.

When, oh when will we embrace LOVE?

Debbey Woodruff, Cornelius

World needs more like Murphy, Hamid

I read Peter St. Onge’s “A Charlotte church put up a sign about its Muslim neighbors” (April 13 Opinion). A very nice article. Thank you to the Observer and Mr. St. Onge.

We need more like Kate Murphy and Rose Hamid.

Mohammed Baig, Somerset, N.J.

Spend on health care, not on Melania

More than 250,000 people signed an online petition demanding Melania Trump move to the White House to save taxpayers about $146,000 per day in security costs.

“This expense yields no positive results for the nation”, the petition says, “and should be cut.”

Based on my insurance premium ($36.16 per day), that $146,000 could pay for 4,038 health care premiums. Trump that!

Dennis Spring, Charlotte