Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 3.17.15

In response to “Pittenger: Prepare for terrorist attacks” (March 16):

Pittenger only makes us more anxious

Terror comes to us in many forms – a cancer diagnosis, a car sliding on black ice, a teenage daughter not home by 1 a.m. But we do not expect to be terrorized by our elected officials.

Rep. Pittenger’s call to “be prepared” serves only to increase our anxieties not, as he claims, “alleviate” them.

Dave Molinaro


In response to “Some tips for the Ritz-Carlton” (March 13 Our View):

One more suggestion for the Ritz-Carlton to consider

In addition to the tips suggested in “Our View,” the Ritz-Carlton could calculate the total service charges during the tournament, and donate that money (maybe a little more) to the CIAA Scholarship Fund.

And don't even think about taking the money away from the servers.

Herb Harriss


In response to “4th try for medical marijuana” (March 13):

I’ve seen how medical marijuana relieves suffering

I applaud the efforts of Rep. Kelly Alexander to legalize the use of marijuana in terminal and degenerative diseases.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer at the age of 25. Thankfully, her oncologists were able to offer her medical marijuana. She was in unbelievable pain and in the end lost her life to this monster called cancer at 26.

I have to wonder how some of these opponents to this bill would feel if their child or someone that they loved dearly were suffering and needed help.

Jeanie Anderson


Making marijuana legal doesn’t make it uncontrolled

Marijuana has become legal in 23 states plus Washington, D.C. Of course it has been legalized for medical purposes, but most people are not using it for this purpose.

The states that have legalized it have a possession limit and fee, so it’s not completely uncontrolled. Continuing to keep marijuana illegal isn't feasible.

Sasha Martin


What would happen if Hillary Clinton emails were exposed?

With all the uncertainty being raised about the content of Hillary's email, it's one thing to call into question what we see and what we don't. But world-wide hackers are getting to see everything, or will in time.

What global damage will be done when her emails of convenience are accessed and shared with the world by Russia, China and other known hacker nations? Can we respond to whatever will be revealed without knowing what will be exposed? Are you willing for America to take that chance, Hillary?

Harvey Cohen


In response to “New bill aims to protect workers” (March 8):

Employee misclassification penalty should be harsher

The bill to make employee misclassification a serious violation of the law is a big step in the right direction. However, a $1,000 fine for repeat offenders is not a sufficient deterrent.

Companies that intentionally misclassify employees as independent contractors are evading withholding and payment of at least $5,000 per year per worker in payroll taxes and insurance. In my opinion, one warning and then a fine of $1,000 per day per employee would bring swift compliance with our employment laws.

It is not fair for legitimate businesses to continue to be undercut by the companies that openly cheat the system. Nor is it fair for citizens that are dutifully paying their taxes.

Howard Etheredge

Fort Mill

In response to “Emily Elkins' generous, forgiving life ends at 16” (March 13):

‘Letter’ doesn’t fit the spirit of Emily Elkins’ generous life

Sweet Emily Elkins forgave Johnny Ray Kendricks for stealing her donation jar and dedicated her short life to the service of others. Given her lovely nature then, Andrew Dys’ recriminatory open letter to inmate Kendricks seems a bit out of step with her kind heart and tender spirit.

I can’t see it representing anything she might approve of or endorse.

Pat Kunder