Letters to the Editor

GOP health plan will cost that dad even more

If you’re fuming now about ACA, just wait

In response to “Fuming over ACA, my child’s meds” (April 28 Forum):

If Forum writer Buzz Scheuhing’s child is a young adult under age 26, without the Affordable Care Act or employee coverage he/she would have to buy private insurance at a much higher cost.

Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, under changes to the ACA proposed by Congress the same medicine for which Mr. Scheuhing now pays $4,000 a year could require a surcharge of $8,490 per year – in addition to his premiums and deductibles.

So, I ask Mr. Scheuhing, exactly who are the “thieves”?

Dianne Mason, Matthews

Free speech isn’t for liberals only

In response to “Ann Coulter, citing loss of backing, says she is canceling her speech at Berkeley” (April 26):

Free speech in this country apparently is for liberals only.

Ann Coulter, a conservative commentator scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley Thursday was denied that right. The university did little to accommodate her appearance.

Free speech must never be allowed to present only one view, but the views of all.

In order to offer a quality education, universities must offer and guarantee the right of free speech.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Math doesn’t add up in Trump tax plan

The president now says that we’ll “eventually” at a “later date” build a wall which will be paid for by Mexico “in some form.”

While it’s hard to top this ambiguity, his one-page tax reform proposal comes close.

It is woefully short on detail, the math doesn’t add up, and it is based on false premises about the effects of tax cuts.

However, one thing and one thing only is certain: With a stroke of a pen, President Trump, his family, and the very wealthy in this country will get exponentially richer.

Heather Stancil, Belmont

Budget must include money for wall

A nation must defend its borders or it is not a nation. It must seek immigrants for its own good, not for the good of employers seeking cheaper labor to undercut Americans’ wages.

Tell Congress to include funds to build the border barrier, aka a border wall.

Build a barrier to drug dealers, terrorists, and coyotes who abuse and leave people to die in the desert.

Margaret Smetana, Pinehurst

Ban plastic bags across entire state

In response to “Keep the plastic bag ban on N.C. coast (April 28 Opinion):

The plastic bag ban should be extended statewide.

Nancy Pierce 2017
Nancy Pierce

Charlotte’s creeks are full of non-biodegradable plastic bags clinging to shoreline vegetation and floating into the Catawba and Yadkin Rivers and on to the ocean.

Other options: Retailers should be required to use biodegradable bags, or customers should pay at the counter for each plastic bag they use, and that fee should fund waterway clean-ups.

Nancy Pierce, Charlotte

Meck needs a louder voice in Raleigh

In response to “Help is on the way for darkened interstates where lights went out” (April 27):

Gary Maves
Gary Maves

What does Charlotte have to do to wake up our state? We pay our taxes.

Why is Charlotte getting toll lanes built and operated by a Spanish company? Why are we driving in the dark on some highways? Why are there so many accidents?

Because we don’t have anyone standing up for Charlotte in Raleigh.

Gary Maves, Davidson

State lawmakers embarrass N.C. again

In response to “N.C. Senate bill would eliminate shoreline protection rules” (April 26):

Our N.C. legislature is truly an embarrassment for our state.

Consider the latest poorly advised bill to remove the 50-foot buffer on numerous lakes. All this does is accelerate the destruction of our lakes due to increased fertilizer runoff and more silting.

Then, there is the monopolistic rule forcing craft brewers to employ a distributor. This is nothing more than the distributors lining the pockets of our representatives to continue their untenable monopoly.

Don McIver, Charlotte