Letters to the Editor

Buffer bill: Another case of ill intent in Raleigh

Our reps in Raleigh – stupid or evil?

In response to “ ‘Endless supply of stupid’ threatens river” (May 4 Editorial):

Robert Campbell
Bob Campbell

Many years ago I concluded that people do harmful things because 1) They are stupid and don’t know better, or 2) They are simply bad and evil people.

Having failed to bring Charlotte, that den of iniquitous liberalism, to her knees by stealing her airport or passing a law nullifying actions of her elected leaders, Republicans in Raleigh are now trying to poison her water supply.

You decide. Is that stupid or evil?

Bob Campbell, Mooresboro

Dems should have supported House bill

In response to “House votes to repeal Affordable Care Act” (May 5):

I find it amazing that not a single Democrat voted for President Trump’s health care bill. Even more amazing was that all Democrats supported the Affordable Care Act at the urging of brilliant Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Definitely time to drain the swamp.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

Health care vote: last nail in the GOP coffin

If, until today, you still hadn’t realized how spiteful and vengeful the Republican Party has become, then realize it now.

To simply wipe out health protection for millions of citizens is one thing. But to find glee and joy as those same people may face catastrophic circumstances – or death – reflects directly on them and their new leader.

He is by far the meanest and frostiest of all of them. Take note: Today’s event may be the last nail in the GOP coffin.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

Clinton is wrong about why she lost

In response to “Clinton blames hackers, Comey for election loss” (May 3):

Hillary Clinton, America’s greatest coat-tail queen who wanted to become the first woman president, lost because of the FBI and Russian conspiracy against her?

Is she the only one who does not know that she ran a horrible campaign based on the horrendously failed domestic and foreign policy agendas of the previous administration?

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

What an obtuse idea, Rep. Pittenger

In response to “Pittenger: If people don’t like their state’s health coverage, they can move” (May 3):

Anna Wood
Anna Wood

Responding to ACA changes proposed by Republicans, Rep. Robert Pittenger said that if people don’t like their state’s health coverage they “can go to the state that they want to live in.”

I shall call my daughter in Asheboro and tell her to start packing. She will send me her new address once she finds a state that will provide her the medical care she must have in order to stay alive. Sad.

Anna Wood, Charlotte

Roll-out of new CMS plan was flawed

To succeed, currently proposed CMS changes require buy-in and support from widely diverse groups.

Unfortunately, the roll-out – lacking important information, 25 public meetings in five days, rushed to a vote before Ann Clark’s departure, without clear input from incoming Supt. Clayton Wilcox – undercuts needed supports and alienates too many. We deserve better.

Jeremy Stephenson, Charlotte

Slaying bolsters case for death penalty

In response to “Inmate ‘targeted’ sergeant who was killed in N.C. prison, investigator says” (May 3):

Michael Dover
Michael Dover

I do, and will always believe, that anyone who is against capital punishment for those who commit murder has the blood of Sgt. Meggan Callahan on their hands. I wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror each day.

If her attacker had been executed for his prior murder she would almost certainly be alive today.

Michael Dover, Charlotte

I want to read more stories like Cheryl’s

In response to “She juggled 4 jobs to earn a degree – now 49, she’s off to Duke grad school” (May 5):

Thank you for featuring such a wonderful story on the front page.

We need to hear more positive stories that are happening in our society, instead of so many negative ones.

I hope Cheryl Gregory will write a book to help me to “see down through the rabbit hole and understand the whole thing.”

Mack White, Davidson