Letters to the Editor

Jennifer Roberts didn’t flip-flop on immigration

Roberts reversed, yes. Flipped? No

In response to “Immigration: Mayor flips on removal program” (May 7):

Webb Hubbell

Mayor Jennifer Roberts reversed her position on a procedural policing program put into place 11 years ago because the intent of the program has changed.

Isn’t that exactly how we want our elected officials to behave?

Don’t we want them to engage in reasoned debate and be willing to reconsider programs that no longer work as intended, or no longer represent a community’s values?

Whether you support the mayor or not, it is unfair to characterize her as a flip-flopper or waffler, because she came to a reasonable conclusion over a period of years.

Webb Hubbell, Charlotte

House health plan lets the people down

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is unfathomable to the caring, civilized people of our country.

Allowing states to offer insurance companies waivers on providing coverage for maternity, emergency care, and mental health care will have drastic ramifications.

In what state (in what universe) are these areas of health insurance not needed? Wait and see, there will be states that choose this option, excluding millions from essential services.

The House has let down people pleading for sensible leadership.

We cannot let the Senate do the same. I can smell it. Rome is burning while Nero fiddles...

Debra Efird, Harrisburg

Fed up with liberals’ health care lies

A McClatchy article asks: “On coverage of pre-existing conditions, who’s lying?” (May 7):

Here’s a hint: You can keep your doctor, you can keep your health care plan, premiums will go down by up to $2,500...

Who lied before? Why believe them now?

Tim Dautel, Charlotte

Limbaugh apologized, Colbert should too

Remember Sandra Fluke? She made news by demanding taxpayers pay for contraceptives.

Rush Limbaugh inappropriately called her a slut and a prostitute. The left went crazy, demanded and got him to apologize.

Last week, Stephen Colbert went on an unhinged rant. He used vile, disgusting, profane language to personally attack the president, not just some irrelevant complainer like Ms. Fluke.

He doubled-down and stands by his attack, except for maybe changing a few words. Will the left demand an apology?

Don’t make me laugh – Colbert certainly didn’t.

Mac McCall, Taylorsville

Preach politics? Then you should pay taxes

In response to “Trump order asks IRS to limit its action on religious activity” (May 5):

The door is open to remove the tax exempt status of religious organizations. If these organizations get the right to “preach” pulpit politics, they now have the right to pay taxes.

God is about love, peace, forgiveness, goodness, good vs. evil, not bullets and oppression.

Americans now must think hard about what we can do about the 2018 elections and to right a listing America.

Separation of church and state is one of our greatest assets. Cherish this.

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

New boundaries – been there, tried that

In response to “Going beyond labels on struggling schools” (May 7 Our View):

I agree with your assessment regarding the reasons for low achievement in areas with a high concentration of poverty.

Mike Van Glish
Mike Van Glish

However, until newspapers and community leaders strongly recommend solutions regarding the lack of parental support and under-performing teachers, these problems will continue for generations to come.

Busing and changing boundaries aren’t the answer. It wasn’t the answer 40 years ago, and isn’t today.

Home environment and high quality teachers are much more important.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte

My representatives in Raleigh are cowards

Our N.C. representatives are afraid of us. They hide behind their “tele-town halls” and Facebook forums.

They send us form letters or newsletters spinning truth in an effort to quiet our voices.

They can’t bring themselves to meet with constituents who may have a different opinion or ask them to justify a position.

People who have dubious motives that can’t withstand scrutiny are cowards. People who won’t meet with the very people they pledged to represent are cowards.

Our elected officials are cowards.

Gail Young, Concord