Letters to the Editor

Why do we think we’re smarter than other nations on health care?

Universal health care is the only answer

As I flipped through the channels Sunday morning, I saw Republicans and Democrats arguing loudly about health care.

Laura Reich

For decades America has been trying to find the answer to health care when it really is so simple.

Why do we think we are smarter than every other industrialized country, all of which have found the answer to taking care of all their citizens?

President Trump was correct when he told the Australian prime minister: “... you have better health care than we do.”

Yes, because universal health care is the only answer.

Enough arguing, this is what the majority of Americans want and deserve.

Laura Reich, Matthews

GOP won’t get voted out over ACA

In response to “Vote on health plan could make House seats hot” (May 7):

The premise that House Republicans who voted for ACA repeal are more likely to be voted out in 2018 is faulty at best.

A generous estimate of Americans benefiting from Obamacare would put that number at 20 million, less than 6 percent of the population.

The other 94 percent have either received no benefit or are negatively affected by the law.

We’ve had our plans canceled, lost our doctors, our premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Our insurance choices have shrunk, in some cases to just one provider.

To make the case that we would vote out those who have the courage to attempt to fix the problem is absurd.

George Schwab, Charlotte

Stop catering to minority fringe

Rep. Steve Stivers justified his ACA repeal vote by saying: “We have to keep our own base excited because off-year elections are about the base.”

The point of an election is for the person who wins a majority vote to represent their constituents.

The majority of Americans wanted the ACA fixed not repealed. The majority also believe in climate change, common sense gun laws and equal rights for all.

Stop representing the minority fringe and step up for the rest of us.

Do your job!

Kelly Morlacci, Charlotte

Lesson learned non-voting Dems?

I understand that about 6 million voters who voted for President Obama in 2012 did not support Hillary Clinton in 2016, which led to our current president’s election. While we know President Trump has very loyal supporters, have the non-voting Dems learned a lesson?

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Trump and his team are losing this game

It’s the opener, top of the first inning, and the Majority Reds are down.

Bill Runyan
Bill Runyan

The arch-rival Minority Blues are scoring at will, including homers by leadoff hitter Obama Care and infielders Noborder Wall and Travelban Block.

Reds rookie starter, Deejay Trump, has thrown over 100 pitches with no outs and is getting wild. The crowd boos louder with each errant delivery.

A visibly rattled Trump shouts incoherent insults at the stands and press boxes. His teammates glance at each other in nervous confusion.

Eventually, Reds manager, Gop Congress, emerges from the dugout, taps his right wrist and veteran screwballer Veepee Pence trots in from the bullpen. This is not the winning game plan the Reds predicted.

Bill Runyan, Newland

French didn’t cave to fear and xenophobia

In response to “France’s president-elect gears up for future” (May 10):

Charlotte T. Miller
Charlotte Miller

Hoorah pour les Français!

They easily could have caved to fear and xenophobia in elections after the Paris bombings, but they didn’t.

They could have followed the backward-looking and unimaginative voters in the U.S., but they didn’t. The majority in France voted to expand their world, their economy, and their opportunities.

Vive la France!

Charlotte Miller, Davidson

Wave of the retail future: Showrooms

In response to “Loss of retail jobs likely to worsen in Charlotte” (May 8):

Retailers need to explore how they may exploit a small but growing trend of local brick-and-mortar as tactile 3D showrooms for products then ordered online.

See it, touch it, go online and order it. Removes some guesswork normally associated with online shopping. A wave of the very near future?

J.P. Goddard, Indian Trail