Letters to the Editor

House bill no improvement on Obamacare

House health bill is a joke, a bad one

The health care bill passed by the House last week is no improvement on Obamacare.

Cynthia Gibas

It’s a joke, a bad one, especially for those of us who are a little older and have started to feel the touch of mortality.

I’m having a cornea transplant next week to correct a hereditary condition. According to some Republicans, it’s because I haven’t been “living right” and I totally deserve the extra premiums and higher health care costs that a lifelong stigma of “history of transplant” will give me.

That’s crazy talk, and I hope our senators will fix this so-called plan before it hurts me and millions of other Americans.

Cynthia Gibas, Charlotte

Religious right leaders, speak up

In the debate over health care, why are the leaders of the “Christian right” so quiet?

Why are they not demanding that Donald Trump and the legions of “righteous” congressmen adopt a universal health insurance plan?

They have abandoned any sense of ethical or Christian values in their failure to speak out.

The Christians are standing on religious quicksand, trumpeting against abortion but perfectly willing to stand back while Congress advances the proposition that not all are entitled to equal health care.

Don Smith, Kannapolis

Non-discrimination laws thwart liberty

Unlike liberty, discrimination is not a constitutional principle.

In fact we as individuals – persons and entities such as a business – have a right to discriminate. It’s called liberty. Because it’s an unalienable right, government may not deny it.

Wake up, people! Illegitimate “non-discrimination” laws are denying it and must be repealed if “liberty for all” is to survive.

Charles Walkup Jr., Charlotte

Forget Colbert, I want a Trump apology

In response to “Limbaugh apologized, Colbert should too” (May 9 Forum):

Arnie Grieves 2016
Arnie Grieves

Rush Limbaugh and Stephen Colbert aside, the apology I’m waiting for is the one from Donald Trump for making the completely baseless charge that Barack Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped ahead of the 2016 election.

Suggesting that a sitting president committed a felony without so much as a shred of proof is reprehensible.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Put focus on early childhood education

In response to “Rearranging kids doesn’t fix schools” (May 4 Forum):

Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor

Forum writer Brad Frazier makes a good argument for early childhood education programs, either intentionally or unwittingly, in making his point that “... every plan executed to balance or redistribute students achieves little.”

Indeed, without early intervention provided as a part of public education it amounts to placing a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

Put affordable homes near schools

All of us want a quality school that we can have our children attend close to where we live.

One strategy I see for increased opportunity would be the use of public land – surplus unused schools or land adjacent to the schools could be used for mixed-income affordable housing.

There are existing resources to help screen tenants and/or buyers of all income levels.

There is more community value in providing good schools for more kids, as well as affordable housing for the workforce, than in selling surplus land to the highest bidder.

John Divine, Charlotte

Dad left the GOP for similar reasons

In response to “Buffer bill has me leaning left, not right” (May 8 Forum):

Forum writer Walter R. Edwards reminds me of my sweet dad. He was an NRA member, Son of the Confederacy, Goldwater supporting Republican until Ronald Reagan appointed Anne Gorsuch and she started dismantling the EPA.

He switched parties, joined the Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society and Greenpeace and never voted Republican again.

He, rightly, felt there was no room in that party for a conservative conservationist. As a chemist, he understood the danger of her indifference to science. As a sportsman and naturalist, he could not stand the unnecessary defilement of our natural resources.

Pam Isacks, Charlotte