Letters to the Editor

Let’s be careful who we memorialize in the South

Don’t memorialize dark past

In response to “Keep monuments; learn from history” (May 8 Forum):

I disagree vehemently with forum writer Patrick Morgan. Yes, we should “learn from history,” in schools and by reading. I disagree that we should “celebrate” so called heroes for trying to defend hate. We should erect monuments, as we have, for our liberators like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, or like our neighbors to the south, Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti.

You don’t see monuments in Germany “celebrating” Nazi symbolism.

Mario Putzrath, Charlotte

Remembering Frank Sinatra

As is my custom at this time of year, I take a few moments to honor the memory of singer/actor/director/entertainer Frank Sinatra who passed away 19 years ago on May 14, 1998. His talents in the aforementioned categories cannot be denied. May his legacy of superb choices of songs from the Great American Songbook live on forever.


There is an untitled Broadway musical production in the works based on Sinatra’s fabulous career for 2018. I wish all involved much success. Frank Sinatra will always be ‘A- number one, top of the list’ in our hearts. His contributions to the entertainment industry virtually demand remembrance.

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Politicians aren’t like they used to be

Ask yourself: would the United States of America ever have existed if the colonial leaders in the 18th century were as scared and weak as our political leaders of today? Our Founding Fathers had the courage to risk liberty and death to lead a revolution that led to the birth of our nation. Compare the men and women of that time in our history to the leaders of today.

Today’s leaders would never risk death or liberty... they will not even risk their jobs to stand up for our country. They are willing to sit by and do nothing while our country implodes and our democracy is under attack.

Mary Lane Lennon,


An open letter to Senator Burr

Senator Burr,

I voted for you in 2004, even though I admire Erskine Bowles. I voted for you again in 2010. Forgive me, but you did not receive my support in 2016 due to your embrace of Trump and what I considered to be a lack of leadership when our state government was stripping minorities of voting rights with voter ID laws and passing HB2. I cast a straight Democratic ticket for the first (and hopefully only) time in my life. But for me and people like me, that depends on what Republicans do now.

You restored my nearly depleted confidence in the GOP with this statement I read in the Washington Post:

“I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination. I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order, and his dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the committee.”

I urge you, sir, to remain steadfast in your support for the country by continuing to stand up for what is right. See that this investigation is not sidelined by this irrational firing. Throughout this period I also urge you to help Republicans to be less like Ted Cruz and more like Teddy Roosevelt ... less like Donald Trump and more like Ronald Reagan.

Tim Quinlan, Charlotte

One of these things is not like the other

In response to “One N.C. senator helped bring down a president...” (May 11):

Sam Ervin was a brilliant and experienced politician, with a concept of ethics and morality. He was a statesman who could work with the opposition. Richard Burr is a Republican.

Warren Smith, Concord

Why not move for better health care?

In response to “Pittenger is out of touch on health care” (May 4 Forum):

People commonly move across state borders for new job opportunities, more state assistance on college tuition, better public schools, or lower taxes. So Congressman Pittenger is called “callous, reckless, and heartless” for daring to suggest someone might find it advantageous to do that for health benefits?

Cathie Bowers, Charlotte

Health care proposal for Congress

Since they like it so much for us, I would like to propose an insurance policy that is perfect for our Republican congressmen. Their new insurance won’t cover hospital stays, pre-existing conditions, charges women more than men, and will be canceled if they get sick; but it will provide unpaid time off starting November 2018!

William D. Charnock, Charlotte