Letters to the Editor

School reassignment worked in Charlotte before

Silver lining to school reassignment

To all families concerned about your children’s new school assignments: I understand what you are going through.

In the 1970s, our children were at Eastover, when the court-ordered bussing plan paired us with West Charlotte High, rather than Myers Park. Many parents opted for their children to attend one of the private schools being created.

My wife, Peggy, and I decided to keep our four children inside CMS. I recall vividly our two daughters getting up at 5:30 a.m. to wash their hair and catch the bus to WCHS. Peggy was at the school at least one day a week working with other parents. West Charlotte became one of the premier high schools in the state.

The experience was so positive that our daughter/former legislator, Ruth C. Samuelson, wanted it noted in her recent obituary.

Parents make a school. You newly paired parents have a wonderful opportunity to see your children exposed to other cultures and to obtain unique insights into our increasingly diverse world. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Bob Culbertson, Charlotte

Trump made his own decision on Comey

In response to “Democrats suddenly defending Comey?” (May 12 Forum):

Evidently Forum writer Bill Wallace is about as (mis)informed as Vice President Pence on the reason James Comey was fired. The president has indicated that the new deputy attorney general had nothing to do with the firing. (Perhaps Comey revealing that it made him mildly sick to think he had an impact on the election did). The irony of this firing is that the president fired the guy who won him the election!

Phil Summerville, Maiden

GOP, act fast or lose millennials

Republicans will continue losing millennial support until they stop pretending that this is their generation. Only about a third of millennials identify as Republican, and that number is going to be the cause of the Republican party falling behind in the upcoming years. If Republicans do not amend their platform to the values and beliefs of the upcoming generation of political activists, we may well see the GOP disappear.

Whatever happened to the party that stayed out of your home, and wallet? The ideals of deregulating business, and entirely free markets – those are the values Republicans should be running on. What better way to address the economy, when it comes to millennials than finding applicable solutions to student debt? Instead of railing against Democrats for their belief in free public education, create a better solution.

My final plea to the Republican party would be to get off of their base of white males and look for options to reach out to minority voters. With current projections, whites will not be the majority in the United States for much longer, and it is time Republicans looked for a more inclusive platform instead of sticking with what gets them narrow victories.

Tarik J. Woods, Salisbury

Is this Congress, or a frat house?

Who did we elect to Congress? Adults, or teenaged middle schoolers?

According to a Fox News report, before conducting the health care vote, Republican congressmen allegedly gathered in the bowels of the Capitol, where they blasted the theme to Rocky. They held a rousing pep rally, ending with Speaker Paul Ryan running into chambers “ala” John Belushi (from the movie “Animal House”) leading his frat brothers into battle.


We have to expect more from our elected officials than childish behavior.

John K. Maxwell, Charlotte

Death penalty is premeditated killing

In response to “Slaying bolsters case for death penalty” (May 7 Forum):

I am against capital punishment and, therefore, one of those Michael Dover labels responsible for the slaying of Sgt. Meggan Callahan. If you’d like to hear why I believe you’re incorrect and discuss the reasons I do not support premeditated, state-sanctioned killings of U.S. citizens, I’d be glad to do it over a six-pack in my backyard. I should warn you, though, the discussion may be Constitution-heavy.

Mikel J. McLaughlin, Charlotte

Trump lacks basic self-awareness

In response to “Trump calls Comey a ‘showboat,’ denies colluding with Russia” (May 11):

I see that President Trump’s comments regarding the firing of FBI Director Comey included “Look he’s a showboat, he’s a grandstander…” I only wish that someone had asked Mr. Trump if that doesn’t describe him as well!

Lee Monks, Monroe