Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.23.15

In response to “Voters to be registered automatically in Oregon” (March 20 Viewpoint) and related articles:

Requiring voters to register secures liberal base

The push to register every American citizen automatically is just another liberal, progressive ploy to improve their chances of staying in power.

Having an illiterate populous elect our leaders is like choosing a plumber to perform heart surgery. The only motive for this policy is mendacious chicanery.

Democrats have convinced the poor that they are on their side with government handouts, so naturally they will vote for their candidates blindly.

Registration and voting are simple processes; we have the right to participate or not. If we know nothing about candidates, agendas, or policies we should opt out. Period.

Dickie Benzie


Retired folks, including Republicans like me, getting a rude wake-up call

I was shocked to find that my 2014 N.C. state income tax is four times more than last year’s – for more or less the same same income!

It is also almost double my federal tax, and in this is the first time my state tax has been more than my federal in 35 years in Charlotte!

It is a wake-up call for a lifetime Republican like me. Our Republican crowd in Raleigh is absolutely undesirable for retired people like me.

Now, that guy Charles Jeter wants me to pay a flat “fee” on my car to replace the pay as you drive gas tax. That’s unfair to people who drive less.

In the next election, I’m voting against Pat and his gang in Raleigh.

Jaysukh Ranparia


In response to “Muslim leaders address media” and “Talk promotes faith tolerance” (March 19):

Media doesn’t ask local Muslim leaders the really tough questions

Regardless of the motive or the faith of the victim, no reasonable person would justify shooting into an occupied dwelling.

However, Observer reporters missed two opportunities recently to press the folks representing the Islamic Center of Charlotte to comment on Muslim extremists’ beheading and burning of Christians because of their faith.

Instead, it appears reporters threw only softballs, which elicit responses that fail to hold Muslims equally responsible for common religious stereotypes.

Unfortunately these are increasingly typical examples of failure by the media to ask the tough questions for fear of offending anyone.

Tim Deal


ABC system a needless investment, eliminate it and use money for roads

The ABC system consists of more than 420 retail stores and warehouses statewide. In addition, more than 160 ABC boards across the state are managed by administrators who draw generous salaries while doing little to add value to a business that should not be part of the public sector.

The system represents an enormous and needless investment. Solution: sell it and use the millions to address urgent transportation needs.

South Carolina long ago saw the wisdom of turning over the sale of alcohol to the private sector.

A Republican-controlled N.C. legislature should be eager to dismantle an unnecessary bureaucracy and use the proceeds from the sale of its assets to build/improve roads and bridges.

Dan Laurent


In response to “Rep. Schock, R-Ill., resigns from House” (March 18):

Hypocritical to blame president for debt while you’re spending wastefully

Once again political hypocrisy knows no limits. Congressman Aaron Schock, an outspoken critic of federal deficits that he blamed on President Obama, abruptly resigned after it was revealed he may have bilked taxpayers by fraudulently padding his expenses.

The congressman is also accused of lavish spending sprees using public funds, including redecorating his office to resemble a set on “Downton Abbey.”

It’s disingenuous for those who promote wasteful spending, bring home pork, or milk the system for personal gain to decry the national debt and place all the blame on the office of the presidency.

Arnie Grieves