Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.22.15

GOP helps small businesses? Not mine

I am a small business owner in Charlotte finishing my income tax returns for 2014. My adjusted gross income was up by 7.4 percent over 2013, but my state income tax went up by 198.4 percent after the “tax cut” passed by the legislature.

While I no longer have to pay about $100 for a local business privilege license tax, that is trivial compared to eliminating both the deductions for medical expenses and on the first $50,000 of business income.

For a majority that campaigned on reducing the burden on businesses, with small business most often cited as their example, I fail to see how they are helping.

Mark Smith


In response to Our View “Time to approve Loretta Lynch” (March 19 Editorial):

I can’t support U.S. Attorney General nominee Lynch

As U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta Lynch’s office seized $110 million in American citizens’ assets in cases where no charges were ever filed.

During confirmation hearings, she expressed support for executive branch amnesty for illegal immigrants, even though the Constitution explicitly reserves immigration powers to Congress.

It used to be that liberals in this country were supportive of basic human rights. Now they blindly support whatever power grabs Dear Leader wishes to engage in.

Charles Held

Mount Holly

Keep gas tax as is; Jeter’s proposal benefits the rich

“Well there you go again,” another Republican proposing a tax change that favors the wealthy and slams the middle class and poor.

Rep. Charles Jeter wants a yearly “fee” of $201 to replace the gasoline tax.

So, if you drive a giant SUV to your beach house six times a year you pay $201. If you’re disabled and drive to your doctor’s office three miles away four times a year you pay $201.

Under the current gas tax everyone pays the same rate, and those who consume the most pay the most. Now, even that doesn’t satisfy the GOP. I get it.

Dennis Smith


Mary Willingham deserves her job back at UNC Chapel Hill

Mary Willingham should be enshrined in the pantheon of UNC Chapel Hill heroes for having the courage to expose the academic fraud involving student athletes.

Is she thanked? No, she is harassed and her professional reputation attacked.

Willingham will receive a $335,000 settlement, but how much of that does her lawyer get?

She should be reinstated in her former position.

I’m appalled at the treatment she has received for being honest at what is supposed to be our flagship university.

Augie E. Beasley


In response to “Petraeus and Broadwell just another case of ‘who you know’” and “Enough already with the Broadwell/Petraeus photos” (March 18 and 19 Forums):

Way I see it, Broadwell has been treated with kid gloves

When the Petraeus/Broadwell story broke, Gen. David Petraeus lost his career, job, livelihood and reputation.

Perhaps because of who he knows, he hasn’t yet received harsher punishment.

By a different standard, Paula Broadwell gained power, sex, money, military secrets and a master’s thesis. Afterward, she received sympathy, privacy, protection and victim status.

Punish him and shelter her? There’s your double standard.

Hank Cowell

Chapel Hill

In response to “N.C. Sens. Tillis, Burr sign colleagues’ letter to Iran” (March 15) and related articles:

47 senators who signed Iran letter should be prosecuted

A Republican-led Congress has emboldened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to disrespect our president.

The letter to Iran signed by 47 Republican senators is simply disgusting. They all need to be prosecuted for treason.

President Obama has shown majestic magnanimity, which I am proud of.

Masood Khan


Party on school grounds? Don’t make crews pick up after you

Persons hosting private gatherings on school playgrounds should have the courtesy to remove their own large amount of trash from the premises, rather than over-stuff trash containers that school maintenance must clean up.

Walter Saville