Letters to the Editor

Comey made poor judgments based on politics

Comey served up a ‘nothing burger’

In response to “Comey says Trump lied about his firing” (June 9):

Floyd Prophet 2016
Floyd Prophet

With the media and Democrats drooling on themselves while hyping the testimony of former FBI director James Comey, it appears they were served one of Hillary Clinton’s “nothing burgers.”

If anything, Comey implicated himself to be a leaker in the swamp and made poor judgments based on political reasons.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Want vindication? Hand over the tapes

In response to “Trump declares ‘total vindication’ in tweet on Comey” (June 9):

When one trumpets his vindication, proof is expected. Time to subpoena the tapes.

Laurel Colton, Matthews

Way I see it, Comey vindicated Trump

Unsolicited advice: Your June 9 headline (“Comey says Trump lied about his firing”) is the reason why your credibility and readership is at an all-time low. The same is true of the network news media, as well.

The headline should have read “Total vindication for Trump,” as Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee showed to any reasonable person watching that there was no obstruction of justice or collusion on Trump’s part.

Robert E. Cassell Jr., Charlotte

Burr’s partisanship is hampering probe

In response to “Burr offers low-key defense of Trump” (June 9):

Yes, James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was troubling. However, more troubling was the way Sen. Richard Burr, committee chair, demonstrated his partisanship.

He questioned Comey using the talking points for the Trump administration, proving that he is too partisan for leadership of this important probe.

To get to the bottom of the Russia connection and Russian interference in our election there must be an independent investigation, not a partisan endeavor.

Pat Bullard, China Grove

Don’t privatize air traffic control

In response to Chicago Tribune: “Trump fix would make the skies more friendly” (June 8 Opinion):

The way to understand President Trump’s plan to privatize the air traffic control system is to think of it as expanding the I-77 toll road concept to the entire interstate highway system with the trucking companies and other commercial operators determining the fees you pay.

If you like that idea, you’ll love Trump’s plan. What could go wrong? Corporations always put the public interest ahead of their own. Right?

The solution is to get a Congress that can actually pass a budget. This is what we need to fix.

Robert D. Thomason, Charlotte

FCC should block cellphones in prisons

In response to the “Wrong side of the bars” series (June 4-8):

Your ongoing excellent series describes the shocking extent of cellphone use by prisoners in N.C. prisons.

Since neither prisoners nor staff are allowed to have or use cellphones in the facility, why can’t the FCC allow the prison to use cell signal jammers?

Simple solution it seems to me.

William B. Jones, Hickory

Think twice about cuts to birth control

Could it be that those who oppose birth control, for whatever reason, actually contribute to more abortions?

Tom E. Bowers
Tom E. Bowers

Isn’t it clear that more birth control leads to less unintended pregnancies and thus fewer abortions? That formula has been true over a two-decade trend.

Without family planning shouldn’t we expect the opposite, more unintended pregnancies and more abortions?

If the good Lord has given us choice over our lives, why can’t we give it to each other?

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

I appreciate mayor’s leadership on climate

As one person among many who believe climate change is a moral issue, I am heartened that after President Trump announced the U.S. would pull out of Paris climate agreement, hundreds of mayors, governors, county leaders, university presidents, and business executives publicly stated they are “still in” with the goals and initiatives of the Paris agreement.

I want to thank Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts for her commitment to continue to develop and advocate for policies that will help to achieve climate goals already begun by so many sectors in our society.

Her moral leadership is much needed and appreciated.

Mary Ellen Weir, Belmont