Letters to the Editor

Republicans offer too many excuses for Trump

No excuses; hold Trump accountable

In response to “Comey says Trump lied about his firing” (June 9):

Robert Cubbler
Robert Cubbler

I find it sad that every time President Trump does something stupid the Republicans offer the excuse that he is new and doesn’t know what is required or expected of a president.

Sooner or later he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

To get someone to change their behavior, you must show them there is a price to pay for their actions. If you keep making excuses for them, they’ll never learn.

The time to hold the president accountable for his bad behavior is well overdue.

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

Trump lied, so what? All politicians lie.

According to Jim Comey, Donald Trump is a liar.

That may well be true. If so, he is in well-known company – Barack Obama with the IRS scandal and Benghazi, just to name just two.

Hillary Clinton lied about her email practices and many other things. And Bill Clinton for “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

Need I go on? All people lie. Politicians lie more than average, and that includes all of them.

There is no there, there.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Science deniers don’t merit equal coverage

Tom Rafferty 2017
Tom Rafferty

In response to “I want a free press, but a balanced one” (June 9 Forum):

I agree with Forum writer Jill Wagner regarding wanting a free press. However, that does not necessarily mean covering both sides of issues equally.

When one political party denies many scientific facts, the media is under no moral obligation to cover that point of view equally with reality.

Tom Rafferty, Charlotte

Stop outsourcing American jobs

In response to “Lowe’s lays off over 120 corporate IT workers” (June 8):

Butch Fisher
Butch Fisher

I would ask Lowe’s, Bank of America and others who’ve outsourced IT jobs these questions:

Do employees of these outsourcing firms buy home improvement products from Lowe’s? Do they purchase homes, automobiles or other products and services from the U.S. companies that send them jobs?

Companies complain that highly skilled workers are hard to find in America. Certainly these IT jobs require highly skilled workers. Stop the madness, staff at home.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte

Reporting on health department flawed

In response to “Embattled Mecklenburg health director resigns” (June 7):

Continuing its unbalanced reporting on the Mecklenburg County Health Department, the Observer suggests that there is pervasive dissatisfaction.

Jessica Schorr Saxe

In previous articles, this was based on the anonymous reports of current and former employees, but the Observer never reported that six health department employees spoke eloquently about their trust in their leadership at the May 16 county commission meeting, with more than 35 others present to show support.

The department’s “academic” direction is not only state-of-the-art in public health, but it is a direction the County has agreed with and that is supported by many department employees.

The Observer has done great investigative reporting in the past. This isn’t it.

Dr. Marcus Plescia’s resignation is a profound loss to our community.

Jessica Schorr Saxe, Charlotte

Prison mess a slap in the face to taxpayers

In response to “Wrong Side of the Bars?” (June 4-8):

What a fabulous piece of journalism and research displayed in your N.C. prison series.

Bill Kniegge
Bill Kniegge

Thanks for exposing a mess beyond anyone’s imagination. Now the questions is who is going to right the ship? Maybe bring in Joe Arpaio?

Their ongoing “bad practices” are a huge slap in the face to N.C. taxpayers. Where is the oversight? What your reporters have shared so far had to be known by many of those inside the system.

N.C. citizens deserve answers from those who are responsible – and accountable.

Bill Kniegge, Waxhaw

Hire better prison managers in N.C.

We have technology that will jam selected phones from select cellphone towers.

It’s the education problem. Hire a real, educated prison manager and make sure he is not a politician. I rest my case.

Eugene Halpin, Indian Trail