Letters to the Editor

The real issue: easy availability of guns

Legislature should rethink that gun bill

How ironic that the day after the rampage of the D.C. shooter (a liberal vigilante) there is an article about a hearing for the “Pizzagate” marauder (a conservative vigilante).

Dr. Fred W. Caudill
Fred Caudill

We’re far beyond a time when we could believe “their side” has all the crackpots and “our side” is beyond reproach.

The common denominator in these incidents and many others is the easy availability and portability of killing machines – guns.

And now the N.C. legislature is advancing a bill that would make guns even more easily attained, concealed, and used for any purpose by the experienced, inexperienced, the sane, and insane.

When will N.C. legislators remember they are working on behalf of their constituents, not the NRA?

Fred W. Caudill, Charlotte

Enough already with the Trump probes

I’ve worked at the polls during past elections. Our government runs a very safe system.

Trump won in November; it is June and they’re still looking for nothing.

Yes, 24-hour news is part of the problem. Let it go.

Carol Henderson, Matthews

‘No’ to soccer, ‘yes’ to affordable housing

Solution: Instead of a soccer stadium, put the money to good use and build an affordable housing complex.

Lorraine Stark 2015
Lorraine Stark

To work 96 hours a week so one can afford a two-bedroom apartment is outrageous. (“Mecklenburg minimum wage workers priced out of housing; need 96 hours for 2BR rental,” June 14)

Build it and they will come.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

I’m drowning in water fees; make it stop

In response to “New Charlotte budget adds police – without higher taxes” (June 13):

The City of Charlotte’s budget may not increase the tax rate, but they sure are kicking us in the butt with water bill service fees.

My last bill for water usage was less than $5, however the additional fees added up to over $50.

Something needs to be done about these outrageous fees.

Evelyn Chin, Charlotte

Don’t play into crime doom and gloom

In response to “Will crime affect your vote in the Charlotte mayor’s race?” (June 12):

Why did the Observer wait until the eighth paragraph to point out that “crime is down in Charlotte and across the country by historical standards”?

The headline and first part of the article play right into the hands of the voices of doom and gloom that we hear so much today.

Please, emphasize the truth in all your reporting.

Cate Stadelman, Charlotte

Golf complex would boost N. Charlotte

In response to “Topgolf hopes to open second Charlotte location near UNCC” (June 10):

I live in the Fountaingrove neighborhood. Unlike some neighbors, I very much favor the proposed Topgolf development for the simple reason that we have so little recreation in this area and north Charlotte certainly deserves it.

Hunter Bick
Hunter Bick

Topgolf is a high-end entertainment complex beneficial to families and the community. It’s also a great source of jobs that will support growth of other nice retail, which helps property values.

People need to understand that the Topgolf site is already zoned for commercial, not houses. Something is going there; I think we’d all prefer something fun versus yet another office building.

Hunter Bick, Charlotte

Disgusted with NBC over Jones interview

Disgust is all I can muster with the decision of NBC News Chairman Andy Lack and NBCUniversal to put on air Megyn Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who called the 2012 shooting deaths of 26 children and teachers at Sandy Hook “a hoax”!

T. Lee Keene, Charlotte

Curry should accept president’s invite

In response to “Stick to sports? Warriors’ Curry won’t stop comments” (June 14):

Steph, you make more in a couple of games than I’ll make in my lifetime.

And now you’re deciding whether to accept the invitation of the duly-elected president of the United States as the champions of your sport, and you want to make a point.

Here’s a point: You are where you are because a lot of people have paid your way. What you do is being celebrated, but it isn’t important.

This nation can’t differentiate between how much it pays and what something’s worth. That’s not your fault, but it is something you can recognize.

The ball is in your court.

Tom Massey, Waxhaw