Letters to the Editor

Athletes like Stephen Curry should be agents of change


Athletes should stand up to injustice

In response to “Curry best beware of possible blowback” (June 19):

I think Monday’s Forum readers should all feel a bit queasy about the not-so-subtle, “good-ole boy” threats directed at Steph Curry for his recognition of the repulsive nature of Donald Trump – politics aside. Although a Vietnam era vet, I’ve long since integrated rationality with patriotism – an apparent dilemma for Trump supporters. I wish that more of my own generation would remove the social blinders and respond with the integrity modeled by Steph Curry, and Colin Kaepernick. Both seem to grasp the notion that personal integrity and social awareness – or lack thereof – are not part-time options, subject to the whims of the fan and the advertiser.

Paul Suko, Charlotte

Stortch Nancy Pierce

We need stronger police accountability

The Philando Castile trial decision of not guilty for the police officer who shot him (unprovoked in front of his daughter and partner) is outrageous!

Philando had a valid permit for his firearm, told the officer about it and was shot anyway. We need to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Black Americans should feel safe in their country and safe when dealing with police. What does this jury’s decision communicate about the value of black lives?

All citizens, especially whites, should publicly challenge racist jury decisions. Hold candidates accountable for their position on strengthening citizens’ police oversight committees.

Margie Storch, Charlotte

We haven’t seen Russia evidence

In response to “No evidence of Trump...” (June 18):

I find it laughable that we so often see comments that there is no evidence against President Trump for collusion with Russia. I doubt that it is the policy of the special counsel or the congressional committee investigating Trump to issue press releases on evidence they have or do not have.

It is significant, however, that Trump is being investigated by Republicans, his own party, not Democrats whom he so often blames for his troubles.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

Trump, don’t punish Cubans again

In response to “Trump speech puts Cubans in a bad mood...” (June 18):

I cannot understand the United States punishing the people of Cuba for over 50 years. Worst case scenario: you are a Cuban refugee living in Miami. Castro had your parents or grandparents either imprisoned or executed. I can understand your hating Castro. However, how can you justify punishing millions of your friends or relatives who still live in Cuba?

Trump says any money going to Cuba goes to their military. I’m sorry, but if you have American tourism, and Americans buying Cuban cigars, rum, and other products, this would have to help the average Cuban. I don’t think you have to worry about the Cuban military. Help the Cuban people.

David McCauley, Charlotte

NCAA, use common sense on UNC

In response to “Bilas: NCAA 'breaking their own rules'...” (June 17):

Jay Bilas says the NCAA can’t consider AFAM academic irregularities at UNC as “extra benefits” to athletes because the classes were made available to all students. That position is putting form over substance. The reality is everyone, including the university, knows it was cheating and it is not necessary to consider the participation of the general student body to make that determination.

If someone steps in something brown that looks foul and smells foul, that someone need not apply the taste test to determine if it actually is foul.

Wayne McGee, Cornelius


Hillary Clinton is no ‘Wonder Woman’

Hillary Clinton is comparing herself to Wonder Woman. How could Wonder Woman lose? She has been offering many reasons as to why she lost the election, but has overlooked the fact that she and Obama had eight years to accomplish a lot but did very little. For example, “jobs, jobs, jobs” was not in their vocabulary, but should have been. So thinking, logical voters looked at her eight years of passive, leave it alone, empty seat management and decided she would do the same as president. She is definitely not Wonder Woman.

Howard Honeycutt,