Letters to the Editor

Don’t waste your money on ‘Charlotte Squawks’

Charlotte Squawks is leftist propaganda

I just wasted $36 and two hours of my life watching Charlotte Squawks. Though it bills itself as a “smart, intellectual parody” of Charlotte and the events of the day it is little more than (yet another) Trump bashing feeding frenzy. While I enjoy a good parody as much as the next person, Squawks had me seething in my seat.

It might have been barely tolerable had Squawks parodied more on the “left.” Heaven knows there is plenty of fodder. Had I known the content would be so partisan I wouldn’t have wasted my money and time. Conservatives who’ve had enough of this bashing – don’t spend a dime on this left-wing sham. It’s no longer funny. There’s already too much hate being perpetrated by productions such as this.

Cyndi Caldwell,


Marshall (2)

I’m disturbed by Alex Jones

I voted for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton because I believed that he was the lesser of two bad presidential candidates. But after watching Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night interview with Alex Jones, a man who distorts and sensationalizes just about everything and anything he espouses, he seems radically untenable even to a right of center guy like myself. To compound my deep problem with Mr. Jones and Mr. Trump, they seem to have cultivated some sort of ideological bond, so I began to think that perhaps I should have cast my vote for Mrs. Clinton. Or, better yet, a write in vote for Marco Rubio, but positively not Trump.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Southern Baptists send mixed message

In response to “Southern Baptists vote to condemn ‘alt-right white supremacy’” (June 17):

I read with interest your article reporting that Southern Baptists voted to condemn “alt-right white supremacy.” I read that members of the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a statement on the importance of public officials who display “consistent moral character,” but also that a majority of white evangelicals voted for Trump. Trump has surrounded himself with “alt-right white supremacists,” took his girlfriend (wife #2) on a family vacation with wife #1 and his children, has said he can grab women by the ***** because he’s famous, cheated employees, contractors and suppliers and the list goes on. My question is: does “consistent moral character” have to be bad or good?

C.G. Kilburn, Monroe

Are avocados worth as much as humans?

In response to “Judge defends bond for murder suspect” (June 17):

Mecklenburg County Judge Bob Bell states the $275,000 bond for murder suspect Ricco McHam was appropriate and that said bail is “a lot of money” for a murder suspect. In Sunday’s paper it was reported that suspects in a grand theft avocado case had their bail set at $250,000 each.

Murder $275,000, avocado theft $250,000. Based on these numbers, murder in Mecklenburg County is only slightly worse than stealing avocados in California. I wonder what bail Judge Bell would place on avocado theft. Isn’t our county a great place to live, especially if you’re a crime suspect?

Barry Shay, Matthews

Democrats incite fear over crime, too

In response to “Candidates, quit inciting fear over crime” (June 15):

The Observer has pointedly criticized Charlotte mayoral candidates for making crime a major focus of the campaign, particularly pointing out a recent ad by Kenny Smith. In a society where “alternative facts” and “fake news” are far too prevalent, an informative advertisement presenting local crime statistics should be commended, not chastised. If the Observer is really concerned about “inciting fear,” they need not look further than Mayor Roberts’s own campaign. In a recent email to supporters, Mayor Roberts warned of a widespread effort to suppress voter turnout in order to advance “an ultraconservative agenda for Charlotte.” Such baseless tall tales do not match the reality of a progressive city with a 9:2 Democrat majority on council and should be labeled for what they are: inciting fear.

Tucker Weldon, Charlotte

Kaepernick hasn’t earned spot in NFL

In response to “Athletes should stand up to injustice” (June 20 Forum):

You are correct that nobody should be overlooked for his political viewpoint. You do not mention the fact that Colin Kaepernick has not performed at the level of a starting quarterback for several years, but wants to be paid like one. I am sure that is why many GMs are taking a pass.

Eugene J Shields, Charlotte