Letters to the Editor

Watch it, GOP health plan will empty your wallet

Local taxes will rise under GOP plan

Now that the Republicans have contrived a health care law that does not require all to have insurance, are they going to relieve hospitals of responsibility to treat us if we can’t pay?

Charlotte T. Miller
Charlotte Miller

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act is a federal law that requires anyone coming to an emergency department to be stabilized and treated, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. It has been mandated but unfunded since 1986.

Requiring treatment from medical facilities but not requiring the purchase of coverage to pay for it – as the original ACA stipulated – leaves our hospitals, health departments, states and counties responsible.

The new Trumpcare may cut federal dollars drastically, but state and city/county taxes will likely rise. Paraphrasing Capital One: “What’s left in your wallet?”

Charlotte Miller, Davidson

Rand Paul’s $1 a day comment ridiculous

Dr. Joel Miller
Joel Miller

Sen. Rand Paul thinks we should legalize cheap insurance for those on Medicaid who would lose coverage. “You should be able to get insurance for $1 a day,” he said Friday.

Are you kidding me, Sen. Paul? You must be smarter than that. You’re a physician and a senator.

Well, I’m a physician too, and I know that a plan with an annual premium of $400 wouldn’t cover having a Band-Aid applied to a minor cut by an untrained person, to say nothing about getting treatment for any substantial medical condition.

Such a statement exhibits extreme ignorance, extreme cruelty, or both. I suspect plain cruelty!

Joel B. Miller, Hickory

Careful how you define GOP wins

In response to “In Georgia, Republicans celebrate while Dems seek upsides” (June 21):

Isn’t it funny how a four-point win for a Democrat is a run-away and a four-point win for a Republican is a razor thin margin?

Richard Welch, Fort Mill

Democrats are the reason Trump won

Democrats caused the Trump presidency.

First, they gave America a badly flawed candidate. Then, of the 18-24 year olds who overwhelmingly support Democrats, only 43 percent voted in the presidential election.

Turnout among Hispanic, Asian and black voters of all ages wasn’t much better.

Instead of not voting because the choices aren’t “amazing,” younger Democrats should hold their noses and make their “least worst” choice.

Future successes require Democrats to accept they are the reason Trump won.

Jim Crozier, Charlotte

To win seats, Dems must rethink platform

Now that the Democrats lost two more races, it would seem it’s time to change their platform, from supporting the LGBT agenda and bolstering illegal immigrants, to one more Democrats can get behind.

If they can distance themselves from these two groups, I believe we will have more success in future elections.

Many of us still believe that God’s word is valid regardless of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and that it’s wrong to support immigrants here illegally.

Democrats need more seats in Congress to balance the voices being heard. Right and fairness must be paramount.

C.H. Hendricks, Charlotte

Spend on greenways, not soccer stadium

Mecklenburg County Commissioner George Dunlap might think not everyone in Charlotte wants greenways, but in 2008 the voters approved a $250 million bond that was allocated for parks and greenways – not for a soccer stadium.

Our elected officials should respect the voters’ voice and not cater to special interests that go against the results of the people’s referendum.

Michelle Withers, Charlotte

Let tourists drink that Bloody Mary in N.C.

In response to “Here’s what’s standing between you and a Sunday morning mimosa” (June 22):

Christy Hume
Christy Hume

N.C. Sen. Tommy Tucker and the Rev. Mark Creech both seem to have forgotten about the separation of church and state.

Their opposition is irrelevant. People and businesses aren’t beholden to attend or respect churches. It’s a choice.

When tourists spend thousands to fly to Charlotte, stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and buy tickets to NFL games they shouldn’t be denied a Bloody Mary at their $100 brunch!

Christy Hume, Matthews