Letters to the Editor

Brunch bill: A Christian version of Sharia law

Alcohol ban brings to mind Sharia law

In response to “Here is what’s standing between you and a Sunday morning mimosa” (June 22):

Eric Cable
Eric Cable

How is buying a drink at 10 a.m. any more unhealthy than buying one at noon, especially when a person can buy all they want on Saturday night?

With regards to concerns about alcohol sales being a distraction from church, that is simply one group of people trying to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else.

It is time to call the N.C. Sunday morning alcohol sales ban what it amounts to: a Christian version of Sharia law.

This is the year 2017, not 1917.

Eric Cable, Charlotte

Tucker, others are holding back on N.C.

N.C. Sen. Tommy Tucker and others who voted “no” on the brunch bill get thousands of dollars from the N.C. Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association, which bristles at any attempt to change the landscape of N.C. alcohol sales.

Instead of holding back the state, why are Sen. Tucker and the others not supporting local craft breweries, craft distilleries and wineries that hire people, pay taxes, and help local economies!

Neil Gimon, Waxhaw

Soccer stadium is a wise investment

Just one international soccer tournament would have a huge economic impact for Charlotte’s budget. It would be totally narrow-minded and insane to pass this opportunity.

The few international soccer games Charlotte has hosted filled the venues.

If revenue is what we want, international soccer is what we need. It’s not wise to keep money under the bed instead of investing in a sure, sure thing.

Maria De Mayo, Charlotte

Health care: Time for robust public debate

In response to “Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich” (June 22) and related articles:

As President Trump wisely noted, creating sound health care policies is very complicated.

Now that both House and Senate Republicans have put forth their ideas for a “better” approach than the Affordable Care Act, we need a robust public debate on this important quality-of-life issue.

I am eager to hear intelligent, thoughtful Republicans explain how the current GOP plans are sensible and fair ways to promote the general welfare and not as draconian as they seem at first light.

Diane St. John, Charlotte

Democrats are obstructing change

The obstructives – aka Democrats – have put their personal desires to maintain status quo ahead of what is best for the country. Obamacare is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone agrees there must be changes or it will go bankrupt.

Robert Connery, Charlotte

Give us same health care Congress gets

We deserve to have the same health care as members of Congress. If they do not give us the same benefits, then we should vote them out of office – all members, including Democrats, Republicans, independents, conservatives, liberals, etc.

And I mean all. This is a nonpartisan issue.

Thomas L. Clark, Charlotte

McConnell plan veered way off track

Sound the whistle folks, Mitch McConnell’s Death Panel Express has left the Senate basement.

This train wreck of a health plan veered off tracks from Donald Trump’s pledge for cheaper, better health care for all.

That it is being rushed to a vote after being developed in secret is a horrendous violation of our democratic principles.

Call your senators and ask why we can’t have affordable health care for all equal to that in western Europe, Canada, Australia and Israel.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Here’s what I tell my white grandson

In response to “What do I tell my black grandsons” (June 23 Forum):

How do I protect my white grandson? I tell him that if he is ever stopped by a police officer to show respect and do exactly what is asked of him.

This should be good advice for all races.

Katharine Helms, Charlotte

Bishop cheapened public discourse

In response to “Charlotte lawmaker rips ‘jihad media’ in tweet in response to budget story” (June 23):

Interesting that N.C. Sen. Dan Bishop’s tweet on “jihad media” was leveled at CNN and the AP. CNN does have its slant, but so does Fox News.

By advancing your cause, not with reasoned arguments, but with baseless and inflammatory rhetoric is shameful.

Mr. Bishop has not raised public discourse, only cheapened it.

Stephen Sissons, Charlotte