Letters to the Editor

Stop telling black Americans that following police orders is enough to keep us safe


Listening to police isn’t always enough

In response to “Here’s what I tell my white grandson” (June 26 Forum):

Forum writer Katharine Helms is right. In a perfect world, telling your child to show respect and do exactly what is asked of them should be enough for all races during a traffic stop. But we live in an imperfect world. If you’re black, too often it’s not enough, and you get assaulted or shot anyway. Why? Because the officer feels threatened, despite your adherence to his/her instructions. Unfortunately, you can only hope and pray the officer you encounter isn’t inherently threatened by your black existence. As a black person, I’m becoming threatened by his.

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Trump’s behavior is not leader-like

In response to “Trump is providing strong leadership” (June 23 Forum):

Please do not confuse Mr. Trump’s behavior with leadership. Belittling, treating people with disrespect, making derogatory statements, and lying are not traits of a good leader.

An excellent leadership trait is surrounding yourself with colleagues, staff and cabinet members who are willing to push back and disagree with you to get to positive solutions. Not only are Trump’s cabinet members not qualified for their positions, they are requested to give adoration and praise to him.

Excellent leadership requires a certain amount of base knowledge for the position you occupy. Mr. Trump is sorely lacking, and shows much disinterest in the learning process.

Leadership requires a level of integrity, ethics, and honesty. Mr. Trump deals in stories, lies and falsehoods.

Craig Probst, Davidson

The media has to tell the painful truth

In response to “Charlotte lawmaker rips ‘jihad media’ in tweet ...” (June 23):

With all due respect to N.C. Sen. Dan Bishop, when the media are reporting on judicially declared unconstitutional laws passed by our General Assembly – two sets of gerrymandering, voter ID, taking away earned teacher tenure, HB2, and requiring a sonogram – it validates the purpose of the media. As an independent voter who was a member of both parties, I think we need an active media even when they are saying things we don’t like.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Lawyer Photo by Richard G. Sharpe

What are Democrats doing on health care?

Obamacare needs to be repaired, and the GOP’s Trumpcare is a slap in the face to middle-class and poor Americans. But why haven’t the Democrats pulled together and developed their own plan to fix Obamacare? Even though they’re not in power, a good plan could rally support across the nation and force the GOP into a bipartisan program that helps more people than Obamacare or the two GOP fantasy proposals. This country is waiting for heroes to emerge from the mess we’re in, and this is a prime opportunity for the Democrats to stop whining and do something.

Linda Lawyer, Charlotte

Liberals angry over bad policy, not losing

In response to “Why so much rage among the liberals?” (June 24):

Cal Thomas must be reading his own propaganda to conclude that liberals are raging over their losses. No, they are utterly dismayed because, in spite of greater numbers, they are saddled with a lying, incompetent president. Not only must they suffer overreach on a conservative agenda (kill working health care, deny climate change, reverse Robin Hood tax policy) but also many Republicans’ denial of Russian interference in the election.

Thomas characterizes information on Russian agents and the ongoing investigation of Trump’s admitted obstruction as “noise.” While one liberal regrettably became violent over this, millions have marched peacefully in opposition.

Roger Diedrich,


Let’s try to make school choice work

In response to “Final lessons from Ann Clark: Retiring CMS superintendent talks...” (June 25):

Ann Clark says judging the success or failure of Project LIFT misses the point. She encourages everyone to work together to make new concepts in education better. “We don’t get better just based on criticism.”

Great idea! Let’s apply that philosophy to school choice and financial vouchers. Success or failure misses the point. Let’s work to make these programs better.

Dale Williams, Boone