Letters to the Editor

Transit is already taking a toll on city’s pocketbook

Don’t spend more to expand transit

In response to “Will new transit consultant propose uptown subway?” (July 3):

On Monday Charlotte City Council voted to hire a consultant for $3.2 million to map the next phase of the city’s transit expansion.

An expansion is estimated to cost between $5 and $7 billion!

Isn’t it correct that the Lynx Blue Line, CATS, and the Gold Line streetcars are operating in the red and report decreased ridership?

And a consultant has been hired to study the need for an uptown subway? Who is responsible for managing our city’s checkbook?

Better take another look because the numbers can’t possibly balance.

Terri Phillippi, Charlotte

Work harder to make east Charlotte safe

In response to “Driver shot while stopped at red light on Albemarle Road” (July 6):

East Charlotte is not getting the attention it needs to keep it safe!

East Charlotte is getting trashy and the bad guys like trashy areas because they think no one is watching.

Charlotte Code Enforcement needs to address the trashy streets and overgrown yards. Eliminate the trash, and the bad guys will go away.

Whatever is being done now, just is not working. So, as FDR would say: “Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.”

Charles C. Ryder, Charlotte

No apology needed on Trump, fake news

In response to “Nobody’s apologizing for fake news” (July 6 Forum):

Forum writer Dick Meyer weaves a fascinating tale, filled with fairy-tale facts.

Doug Samut
Doug Samut

President Trump did not start his “fake news” tweets “after months and months of the Democrats and the news media accusing him.”

He began his fake news crusade long before the investigation into Russian interference and collusion. And when the Democrats and media accused him it was based on information that suggested interference and possible collusion.

Perhaps Mr. Meyer is not aware there are three ongoing investigations into that, including one by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Until those are complete, no apology is appropriate!

Doug Samut, Mooresville

I want to see black leaders do more

To solve any problem one must first address the facts and devise a plan to correct it.

Racial profiling aside, each night on the local news we see young black men murdering young black men and in a staggering percentage versus other ethnicities.

It’s a fact, it’s sad, and it’s tearing at the hearts of many black families and our entire city.

While some black leaders are addressing this issue, especially the clergy, black community leaders must do more.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Yes, Jesus would have baked that cake

Hank Durkin
Hank Durkin

In response to “Jesus wouldn’t have made the cake” (July 6 Forum):

Forum writer Matthew Sie seems to have missed Jesus’ message of love and acceptance: Love your God, love your neighbor.

Not only would Jesus have baked the cake, he would have attended the wedding, too.

Hank Durkin, Charlotte

Stop being so myopic about drones

In response to Robin Hayes “Don’t let Amazon take over our skies” (June 30 Opinion):

Reading this op-ed piece made me again wonder at our inability to take prudent action.

Julia Westendorf
Julia Westendorf

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that drones will be used for terrorism and will disrupt any possible peace, day or night, that might still remain.

Unbelievable! How can we be so myopic?

Who is being bought-off? Follow the money! A civilized society might recognize that not every single thing that could possibly happen is appropriate to allow.

Julia Westendorf, Charlotte

Want real change? Elect more women

While it’s impossible to say how much political partisanship and governmental dysfunction we can stand as a nation, it’s inarguable that huge challenges face us at home and abroad.

When our president fires off another polarizing tweet or we fail on an issue as fundamentally important as health care, I always wonder how much better off we might be if at least half our elected officials were women.

There’s a movement afoot to get us closer to that goal, and it’s a good one to support.

Pat McCoy, Charlotte