Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.24.15

Michael K. Murphy
Michael K. Murphy

A much needed tweak for Medicare

Congress has the chance to solve a problem that’s plagued our nation more than a decade: the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), the formula that sets Medicare rates without regard to quality or efficiency.

Congress has continuously failed to provide a solution to this flawed formula. Unless a permanent solution is found by March 31, patient access to high-quality care will be in peril.

Health care providers across the country have endorsed a plan Congress developed last year to replace this formula with one that benefits patients. As a trustee of the American Osteopathic Association, I encourage Rep. Pittenger to ensure that Congress repeals the SGR and rids the Medicare program of this dreadful policy once and for all.

Michael K. Murphy


In response to “A troubling N.C. Senate jobs plan” (March 22 Our View):

Looks like conservatives now favor redistribution of wealth

Considering their latest scheme to lure companies to relocate to cash-strapped rural counties, evidently Raleigh Republicans have seen the light about redistribution of wealth. Can the less fortunate now look forward to income tax breaks, because wealthy people, like the urban counties, will be picking up the slack?

Albert So


Charlotte’s east side has been neglected long enough

Residents of east Charlotte are taxpayers too, but our side of the city is being ignored. Independence Boulevard is strewn with not only trash, but remnants of car wrecks.

Go out Albemarle Road, Sharon Amity, Harrisburg Road, Central Avenue, or W.T. Harris Boulevard.

There is trash on vacant lots and on streets. Street signs and median signs are knocked down. City employees are everywhere. Why don’t they call 311 when they see this stuff?

Charles C. Ryder


In response to “The president’s false choice” (March 19 Viewpoint):

Shelton’s criticism of Obama on Mideast rings hollow

News flash: Yet another retired general would do things differently if he were president.

With all due respect to Gen. Hugh Shelton, he should have mentioned that President Obama is trying to mediate the mess made by George W. Bush – a man who constantly claimed to be listening to his generals.

Greg Carr


In response to “As Charlotte grows, so does low-wage work problem” (March 20 For the Record):

Let the free market, not government edicts, lift wages

The so-called “low-wage work problem” cannot be solved by socialistic government-mandated wages. Unfortunately, we will always have the poor. However, our capitalistic system has probably produced the highest standard of living in the world.

Bill Brannon


In response to “Rep. Pittenger inflates own role in war against terror” (March 20 Forum):

The main thing America has to fear is Democratic voters

The reaction to Rep. Pittenger’s timely reminder that we should be prepared for a national emergency provides proof of something that I have long believed: The greatest threat to our life and liberty is not foreign terrorists, it is domestic Democrats!

John E. Lane


In response to “GOP requests records from Attorney General” (March 21):

GOP displays hypocrisy in Roy Cooper records request

If you want an example of how disingenuously Republicans want to cut state spending, look no further than the fishing expedition they’re on – requesting 14 years of records from the Attorney General, N.C. Department of Justice, SBI, and the State Crime Lab. This exercise will take weeks or months of state employees’ time with the clear goal of looking to impugn Roy Cooper. What a waste of state resources.

Linda J. Brooks