Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.25.15

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

In response to “Reliance on gas tax re-examined” (March 22) and related Forum letters:

Jeter’s gas fee not such a wild idea

Rep. Charles Jeter is taking unnecessary grief for addressing declines in gas tax revenue at a time when N.C. roads and bridges need repairs.

Gas tax revenue will decrease due to increased fuel efficiency and more hybrid/electric cars on the roads. But even those electric/hybrid cars cause roads to deteriorate.

The solution lies in the middle – with a reduced gas tax to reward fuel efficiency and some sort of fee for all vehicles.

Jeter should be commended for raising this issue.

Keith Wilson


In response to “Council ponders city ID program” (March 24):

City should not be handing out IDs to undocumented residents

A City of Charlotte task force wants to give IDs to people who are in this country illegally to make it easier for them to get jobs, open bank accounts, etc.

You can call them “undocumented” or any other politically correct name you want, but they are still here illegally. To assist someone in the commission of an illegal act is called “aiding and abetting,” a crime itself.

Mary Williams


In response to “Revenue shuffle on the table” (March 24):

GOP legislature’s revenue shuffle really a revenue hustle

The writer is a CPA.

First, the N.C. legislature turned down my federal tax dollars that could have provided medical care for low-income residents, while other states benefited.

Second, it cut tax rates to benefit professionals like me – thanks – but removed deductions for medical expenses, which amounted to a shadow tax for my clients, many of whom are retired and on fixed incomes.

Now, you propose to shift taxes from where they are paid to your own fiefdoms under the guise of “income inequality” – a term I thought only applied to Dems.

Just another bamboozle by our inept state leaders. Vote them out or move to South Carolina, which is looking better all the time.

Eric Vetack


In response to “Requiring voters to register secures liberal base” (March 23 Forum):

Broad participation in elections fosters democracy

Forum writer Dickie Benzie seems positively nostalgic for a time when only property-owning white men had access to the ballot box.

He characterizes the poor as an “illiterate” population that will vote “blindly.”

Republican candidates benefit from low voter turnout; they oppose every effort to increase access to registration and voting, and in fact work to create new impediments such as those imposed by voter ID laws.

Democratic candidates benefit from broad participation in elections; they work to increase voter turnout.

Mr. Benzie views the proposal to enfranchise all citizens as a “progressive ploy.”

I’d call it democracy.

Kristina Groover


Endless construction on Rea Road hardly seems worth it

I’ve been driving through construction on Rea Road for almost three years now, and half the time all I see are idle bulldozers.

The lack of dedication to this project creates not only traffic issues amid the new and confusing swerves, curves, arrows, and road signs, but also a pretty heinous eyesore right outside my neighborhood.

An estimated $22.5 million and seemingly endless construction is a hefty price to pay for the minuscule improvements the project aims to achieve – a median, new landscaping, sidewalks, and a wider bike lane.

Sarah Johnson


In response to “Could CMS have a student serve on the school board?” (March 16):

CMS board should establisha student advisory board

To gain student input on academic and social support policies, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools could organize a standing student advisory board.

The board would be made up of youth diverse in experience, age, income and ethnicity. They would meet regularly and report to their respective school board members.

While the group would not have legislative authority, students would benefit from having real opportunities to have their voices heard and opinions considered.

Christy Kluesner