Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.26.15

In response to “Affordable Care benefits can turn to customer agony” (March 23):

Obamacare an unqualified success

After reading the article on B.J. Welborn, I was once again convinced of the unqualified success of Obamacare.

Ms. Welborn, and millions of Americans like her, no longer have to choose between impoverishing themselves or succumbing to terminal illness simply because they do not have access to insurance.

I fear many readers will see this as a story of “customer agony” and reinforce their opinions that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster.

We would all do well to consider what happens to Ms. Welborn and all the others when a President Ted Cruz gleefully repeals the act.

Frank Hughes


Give me a 2016 candidate with a backbone, not a Bush redo

Another repackaged Bush is not what the 2016 conservative voters want for our candidate.

Folks are screaming for someone to get some lead in their britches and stop compromising or caving on every single important issue.

Big business and moderate established Republicans want Jeb Bush, but his acceptance by the tea party voters will be colder than a well digger’s posterior in February.

Jim Cherry


In response to “Charlotte big loser in sales tax plan” (March 25):

Sales tax redistribution plan needs major adjustments

We have a vacation home in the Outer Banks, a vacation destination for many families from the northeastern U.S.

Using the proposed plan for distribution of sales tax dollars, Raleigh should be sending collected tax dollars back to the rural areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Not very smart. Take another look. Vacation destinations are not like shopping malls, which serve surrounding populations.

Fred Dula


In response to “Jeter’s gas fee not such a wild idea” (March 25 Forum) and related articles:

Base Jeter fee on miles driven; check at annual inspection

Forum writer Keith Wilson has hit upon a good solution.

The “some sort of fee” is pretty simple. Just capture the mileage on the annual vehicle inspection and that would tell how many miles were driven. A per-mile fee could be charged based on that.

Bruce Gorrell


Drivers like me would get shafted by Jeter’s gas fee plan

Rep. Jeter: I drive about 6,000 miles a year and average 17 mpg. That’s 353 gallons of gas at 36 cents a gallon in tax, or $127.

So why should I be happy to pay $201? What about all those people driving many more miles, and all the drivers commuting from South Carolina and other states?

Doesn’t seem like a good idea!

Peter J. Augusta


In response to “47 senators who signed Iran letter should be prosecuted” (March 22 Forum):

Those 47 senators did nothing wrong; simply educated Iran

Forty-seven Republican senators sent a formal letter to the Iranian prime minister. They’ve been vilified by liberals though they did nothing wrong, unethical or unconstitutional.

They simply explained the U.S. Constitution to the prime minister: The executive branch negotiates foreign treaties, but only the Senate can ratify those treaties.

Forum writer Masood Khan should re-read the Constitution.

Thomas W. Cochran


In response to “ABC system a needless investment, eliminate it and use money for roads” (March 23 Forum):

Still waiting for privatized ABC system McCrory advocated

When Pat McCrory ran for governor the first time, he promised to privatize liquor sales and bring this state into the current century. (For the Record, Pat McCrory, “Get state out of the liquor business to fix corruption, raise money” (Jan. 21, 2010)

What happened?

Ed Longino


In response to “Louisville Slugger to sell brand” (March 24):

Sad to witness hand-off of iconic American baseball bat

Louisville Slugger controlled now in Finland, of all places.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Tom Hunter