Letters to the Editor

Stop contraband from entering prisons – now

Don’t delay on prison contraband

In response to “Will faster training help protect prison officers?” (Aug. 4):

State officials “have begun testing new ways to prevent employees from smuggling drugs, cellphones and other contraband to inmates.”

Why does testing have to be done? We citizens never went through a “testing process” when the TSA was formed after 9/11.

Even in certain retail positions associates are never “tested,” they just comply by carrying a clear bag or having their bag inspected prior to leaving.

What does it take to put in metal detectors, X-rays, and have an officer at the employee entrance to inspect bags?

By the time the “testing” is completed, more contraband will be in the prisons.

Danton Cardoso, Charlotte

County passed the buck on stadium

In response to “County blows up soccer stadium deal” (Aug. 3):

Well, in a rapid about face, the county’s latest golden child has been put up for adoption by its dysfunctional county commission parents.

Even worse, they have plopped the problem into the lap of City Council by offering to give them Memorial Stadium. Another classic case of political “pass the buck.”

The silver cloud in this latest blame-dodging is that public opinion apparently still counts when it could impact re-election!

Charles R. Moore III, Charlotte

Trump showing guts on immigration

In response to “Trump announces plan that would dramatically cut legal immigration” (Aug. 3):

At last, a president with the guts and foresight to address an immigration system so flawed it would take more than a sledge hammer to dismantle.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” rings empty to Americans tired of working hard to support immigrants, many of whom immediately go on welfare.

These words also ring empty for Americans who must compete with immigrants for jobs and services.

All Americans will find it much easier to breathe freely with the elimination of chain migration, as the president proposes.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Trump immigration plan hurts Americans

President Trump wants to allow highly educated job seekers to immigrate, when companies are laying off senior American workers for cheaper foreign workers.

Too many of our American college graduates can’t find jobs.

Thought he was all about Americans first.

E.T. Shafer, Charlotte

Medicare for all could solve multiple woes

In response to John H. Clark “The health care solution? Medicare for all” (Aug. 2 Opinion):

Large insurance companies use our health care dollars for profits and bonuses, even spending millions each year in lobbying costs to promote their interests in Washington.

Winona Ramsaur
Winona Ramsaur

While money is being squandered this way, health care costs grow because doctors and hospitals must fund a huge staff just to analyze insurance plans and what each covers.

The fact is, single-payer costs and the ways we can transition to this system have been carefully documented by Physicians for a National Health Program, a growing organization of healthcare professionals that began in 1987.

My hope is that Medicare for all would allow everyday Americans, not just millionaires, to follow their dreams, pursue freelance work, and start those small businesses.

Winona Ramsaur, Mint Hill

Put universal health care to national vote

Most advanced, industrialized countries have universal health care.

Maybe we should have a nationwide vote on whether to do this.

Our politicians would be off the hook on being for or against it.

Bernie Kaminsky, Matthews

Political paralysis is isolating the U.S.

Murray Coulter
Murray Coulter

Look around my fellow Americans, the world is gearing up against us. Not especially because of President Donald Trump, but because the utter political chaos in America that is allowing little or nothing to be accomplished.

Until American politicians learn to listen to each other and find a way to work together we will find isolation within and without the U.S.

For God’s sake talk to each other! Find a way.

Murray Coulter, Charlotte