Letters to the Editor

Remember the Cuban missle crisis, seek diplomacy first

A plea to Tillerson, Haley on N. Korea

Amy Keith
Amy Keith

Everyone who is any position to influence the situation with North Korea should be required to watch the movie “On the Beach,” Stanley Kramer’s haunting chronicle of the aftermath of nuclear war.

Filmed in 1959, it is still the best commentary on what can happen to the world if diplomatic efforts are not redoubled to resolve the current tension.

Please, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, heed the words of Defense Secretary James Mattis when he warns against military engagement with North Korea. Now is the time for all of us old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis to urge and support diplomacy and peace.

Amy Keith, Charlotte

Don’t back N. Korea into a corner

In response to “Trump’s just standing up to N. Korea” (Aug. 10 Forum):

Forum writer Jim Cherry may think Donald Trump can stop a nuclear warhead from hitting the U.S., but he’s wrong.

We have great technology that may be able to intercept a missile, but Trump cannot stop the attack other than by diplomacy backed by a firm hand. Trust me on this, you don’t start by slapping someone first and then trying to reason with them.

Kim Jong Un is already unstable and in a small box. Giving him a reason to fire first is not the answer.

Ken Owensby, Charlotte

About time D.C. was run like a business

Thanks to President Trump for going to outside business groups for ways to quickly solve many problems in this country. Only those in the government seem to be upset that what takes them years to accomplish might just be solved in months at lower costs.

Everyone is frustrated that few things get done in Washington. The staggering amount of fraud, waste and abuse is mind-boggling. It is past time for Washington to be run more like a business so our tax dollars are better spent.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Kudos for funding 13 parks projects

The writer is a member of the American Heart Association’s Mission Leadership Council.

Karla Jones
Dr. Karla Jones

I would like to thank the Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners for voting to fully fund the remaining 13 greenway and park projects. This will have a great impact on the community and provide more access to parks and recreational facilities.

Unfortunately, 80 percent of U.S. adults and 75 percent of adolescents do not get the recommended daily or weekly activity that can be accomplished through walking or biking.

Our goal is to find ways to reduce the number of individuals suffering from chronic disease, reduce medical costs, and improve the overall quality of life of those in Mecklenburg. I applaud the county board for its efforts!

Dr. Karla Jones, Charlotte

Fewer options when public schools failing

In response to “2 Charter schools in tense situations” (Aug. 6):

Some charter schools will fail and close. They fail because of poor administration, substandard educational results or high costs. That is how the system is supposed to work.

Parents have the freedom of choice to leave these schools for the benefit of their children.

None of this is true in the public school system where the good and bad are protected and educational outcomes rendered basically meaningless.

Dale Williams, Boone

Don’t limit president on filling vacancies

Congress wants to block the president from filling vacancies while the Senate is in recess.

See Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution: The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate...”

Unless I’ve missed a constitutional amendment somewhere, blocking the president on this would violate the spirit of the Constitution.

Come on Congress, let’s do the peoples’ work. Your job is not “all about me.” It’s all about “us.”

Bob Burroughs, Charlotte

Not all find childish pranks so funny

In response to “Memories from a free-range childhood” (Aug. 6 Opinion):

Op-ed writer Mike Kerrigan’s escapade reminds me of a 12-year-old kid who bombed my car with pancake batter in a balloon.

After nearly wrecking a 5000-pound Plymouth, I gave chase. But I couldn’t drag the kid out of his house, now could I?

If Kerrigan is endorsing mischief, God Save the Republic.

Steve Craig, Charlotte