Letters to the Editor

Monument vandalism and destruction is not the answer

Property destruction is un-American

I deplore racism but love, respect and cherish the rule of law. The current mob mentality and destruction of public property is an un-American activity.

Maybe it is time to remove the Confederate monuments and statues. But most are public property. Removal by mobs is pure vandalism.

So, a few what ifs: What if vandals destroyed symbols of the Civil Rights movement; what if vandals destroyed monuments at Gettysburg or other National Parks; what if someone vandalized the large statue of Jefferson in his D.C. monument due to his owning of slaves?

In the video of the recent destruction of the monument in Durham, during daylight no less, were the vandals arrested? If not, we send a dangerous message to the country. Destroy whatever you dislike.

Joe Hinson, Charlotte

Can we talk, instead of vandalizing?

In response to “Confederate memorials become flashpoint in debate of race, history” (Aug. 15):

Perhaps the real desecration of the Civil War monuments is not the paint sprayed, or the call for dismantlement, but the fact that a group of people want to use those monuments and the associated flag to declare their own version of “we’re better than you” that has divided the world since Cain and Abel. A symbol of service and honor has been stolen, and if I were to try to honor my lineage by flying the Stars and Stripes, the Stars and Bars and the “Don’t tread on me” flags side by side, I might be called a racist and a hater.

I’d far rather we have a conversation about differences without any shouting or flag waving. I’ll seek to better listen to each person’s perspectives without preparing a barrage of witty criticisms and put-downs.

I plan to honor the service of my ancestors by serving others in my community, nation and world. I’m renewing my goal of treating every other person I meet with respect and dignity. Do you agree?

Kevin Shaw, Charlotte


Senator Bishop’s terrible comparison

In response to “'Violent, racist movements': Senator compares Black Lives Matter to white supremacists” (Aug. 15):

State Sen. Dan Bishop is using a too-common false equivalence saying the Black Lives Matter groups are as bad as white supremacist groups. The former’s mission is to say “my rights and life matter in this country,” while the latter is saying “no, your rights and life don’t.” I do not condone any who use extreme measures of violence to demonstrate their points, but to equate these two overall movements reveals bigotry in its own right. Sen. Bishop, we cannot condone the hatred and bigotry of the white supremacist groups.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Here’s a fairer way to fund I-77 lanes

I have to travel I-77 almost every day thru the gauntlet of exit 31 thru exit 23. I greatly resent being asked to pay for additional lanes with a toll. I already pay taxes on every gallon of gas which I thought should pay for roads. If more money is needed to add lanes then raise gas taxes! Don’t ask Charlotte if these should be toll lanes, why should they care if Huntersville, Cornelius and Mooresville residents have to pick up the cost.

Additional gas tax is the fairest way to finance N.C. roads. Everyone pays a share of cost based on how much they use the roads. If you must charge a toll then place a toll on vehicles entering North Carolina on interstate highways.

Debs Pedigo, Mooresville


Why didn’t the Quail Hollow club recycle?

So the PGA is responsible for recycling at Quail Hollow Club? Seems like the disposal and recycling would be up to the folks that run Quail Hollow. Did the PGA tell them not to recycle or were they so in awe that they forgot? Easy fix: put labels on the plastic bags.

Bill Lane, Polkville

Corine Mack has wrong idea of justice

In response to “Panel questions probe that cleared officer who shot Scott” (Aug. 9):

Whew, it is lucky for us that we don’t have Charlotte NAACP President Corine Mack’s form of justice in our legal system! Based on her statement that it’s time for the review board to rule against the police I guess “off with their heads” is not far behind.

Sydney A. Odell, Charlotte