Letters to the Editor

Reject notion that America can be great only when we all look and think alike

Monuments worsen N.C.’s racial divide

In response to “Berger: Racial healing will require humility, compassion” (Aug. 18 Opinion):

Deb Park
Deb Park

Here is one more thing for Sen. Phil Berger to ponder as he wrestles with the racial divide in our state: While the South did not win the war, those in power after Reconstruction and during Jim Crow were able to glorify the “cause” with many memorials and statues.

In these troubled times these memorials should be moved and displayed in context with new memorials that explain why that “cause” was doomed to fail and how, even after slavery was abolished, many folks were hanged for the color of their skin and continue to suffer.

Our future as a democracy depends on giving everyone an opportunity and rejecting those who feel America can be great only when we all look and think the same.

Deb Park, Charlotte

Berger should resign so healing can begin

I have an answer for Sen. Berger and his quandary about healing our wounds: Resign. Take responsibility for his role in perpetuating white supremacy by passing a law that makes removal of Confederate monuments illegal without N.C. Historical Commission approval.

Step aside and let old white supremacy die. Let it be replaced by more enlightened people – those like Gov. Roy Cooper, who is able to see through the hypocrisy of the Republican “leadership.”

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Leave statues; seek reconciliation, truth

Edward Shephard
Ed Shephard

Stop taking down historical monuments! Instead, let’s join with the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, Ala., to establish Community Remembrance Projects across the country.

These projects would show black Americans’ heritage, and lynchings, and begin a necessary conversation to advance truth and reconciliation.

Ed Shephard, Huntersville

Monuments don’t oppress people

How can a statue oppress you? In Durham those people were kicking the toppled statue like it was a real person. What did they accomplish?

Are we better now that it is down? Have we created a culture that thinks if they are right they can destroy things?

It is our history – to learn from it, not erase it. It happened.

Ann Marie Lloyd, Charlotte

Follow Germany’s lead, remove statues

Germany does not have statues and monuments honoring its WWII leaders.

It recognizes that time period as a shameful part of its history, a shameful part of the world’s history.

Why then does America still tolerate statues and monuments of the generals and leaders of the Confederate Army?

The Civil War was a shameful period in American history in which upwards of 620,000 Americans died.

It’s way past time for these reminders of the past to be placed in museums.

George Evanoff, Midland

Trump is a hypocrite, won’t call groups out

To borrow from George Will, Donald Trump is not only a “bloviating ignoramus,” but an irredeemable hypocrite.

He has lashed out at President Obama countless times for not saying “radical Islamic terrorism,” yet he will not say “radical white Christian terrorism” to condemn the violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville.

Instead, he has chosen to straddle the fence with pronouncements that only affirm his support for them.

Abdoul Camara, Charlotte

Ban all types of weapons at protests

Protesters should not be allowed to carry guns, knives or other weapons while protesting. Counter-protesters should not be allowed to carry weapons. Permits should stipulate “no weapons allowed.”

Severe penalties for violations should be assessed. Protesting fuels enough hatred; weapons should not be added.

The right to carry a weapon has many restrictions. This is probably the best example for prohibiting weapons.

Ronald Kraft, Monroe

Rabbit hole at DMV makes no sense

In response to “Getting a Real ID turned out to be a Real Pain” (Aug. 17 Opinion):

I immediately went to look at my driver’s license and no gold star. I’ll have to start digging now to find some of the items on that required documents list by 2020. Really!

What op-ed writer Don Bailey was put through at DMV was ridiculous, and in the end made no sense.

Beware the rabbit hole. “The chip” in our brains can’t be far behind.

Jean Frye, Charlotte