Letters to the Editor

Don’t eradicate ugly parts of history; put it in context

Find a way to retain lessons of history

Our history is our history, including the ugly parts.

Cate Stadelman1
Cate Stadelman

Pulling down or defacing Confederate statues could contribute to forgetting the lessons of history.

Instead, I suggest more art celebrating diversity, or the people slavery killed and those who survived it, or the black politicians of Reconstruction, or the Bill of Rights, or another answer to existing statues.

A Confederate soldier statue without context might make us uncomfortable, so let’s provide the context that will help everyone who’s stuck in the past to move on.

Cate Stadelman, Charlotte

Reconsidering my monument remorse

As an older white Southerner who grew up singing “Dixie,” I feel some remorse at the idea of removing Confederate monuments.

However, I felt no remorse when Nazi symbols were removed from German buildings at the end of WWII, or at the removal of the Saddam Hussein statue in Iraq.

Is there a difference? Think about it.

Walter Saville, Charlotte

Soldiers followed orders, honor them

The only monuments that need to be eradicated are those depicting Jefferson Davis and his cabinet officers.

The ones honoring officers and generic soldiers should not be touched.

As I was told in the Army: You have no political opinion and you do as you are told.

As a soldier in the military there are shared feelings of camaraderie, loneliness, fear, deprivation, etc., all without a hint of political thought.

The soldier in the ranks, or the one leading the charge, has no say in political policy. Recognize and honor the humanity.

Charles Newton, Charlotte

Answers are there if Berger will just look

In response to “Berger: Racial healing will require humility, compassion” (Aug. 18 Opinion):

N.C. Sen. Phil Berger said “I don’t have a lot of answers…”

Oh yes you do, sir! Read what they did in South Africa to recover and mend from the ravages of apartheid.

There are more answers there than you can implement. You will need lots of help. Please get on with it!

Ron Bryant, Norwood

GOP isn’t going to abandon Trump

In response to Our View “Break with Trump to save yourselves, GOP” (Aug. 17 Editorial):

President Trump’s economic message is working. Wages are up for lower income workers.The unemployment rate has dropped for workers ages 16 to 24.

Many areas of our country are now experiencing labor shortages, which will lead to higher wages.

Trump was not the first choice of many voters, but I think his economic accomplishments will prevent him from being abandoned by the GOP.

David Van Hellemont, Charlotte

Where is president’s moral compass?

In response to “We protect free speech for everyone” (Aug. 17 Forum):

Imagine that instead of white supremacists, Charlottesville had been besieged by a group of armed Muslims chanting hateful rants, culminating with a Muslim plowing a car through a group of counter-protestors.

Do you think President Trump’s response would have been so tepid? Would he have blamed both sides?

Yes, free speech allows for demonstrations, but that does not mean we have to accept the message.

Any president with a moral compass would have denounced the supremacists in the harshest and most unambiguous terms. Instead, Trump seemed to be placating potential voters.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Puzzled by those who lament regulations

Regulation is not a bad thing.

Whenever I read the words “job killing” regulations, I have to wonder if the writer would prefer a “people killing” lack of regulations.

Dave Ballenger, Monroe

Drag queen eatery a welcome addition

Kudos to every drag queen who will work for or patronize Boulevard 1820. (“Club to become drag queen eatery,” Aug. 16 and related Forum letters.)

It is proof that even HB2 could not prevent the opening of this restaurant, where everyone is welcome and no birth certificates are required.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Siers’ cartoons are right on target

At least one favorite byline has survived. Week after week, editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers just hits it.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte