Letters to the Editor

Mayor could use this moment to pander to LGBT

Another way for Roberts to pander

In response to “Mayor seeks to rename Stonewall, rival raises ’06 vote” (Aug. 24):

Ed Stone
Ed Stone

Alternative to the renaming, couldn’t Mayor Jennifer Roberts simply place an LGBT monument on Stonewall Street?

This would follow President Obama’s designating the Stonewall National Monument in New York City commemorating the LGBT struggle.

It would enable Roberts to pander to two special interest groups in her constituency at the same time, while saving taxpayers the renaming costs.

Ed Stone, Charlotte

Bailey’s post revealed racist mindset

In response to “CMS board member sorry for sharing meme making light of strife” (Aug. 24):

As a fellow citizen and white male, I’m outraged by Paul Bailey’s Facebook post and “apology.”

His choice to share these words – as an elected leader in our community, no less – reveals a misguided mindset steeped in old and cliched racist attitudes.

I do not accept his apology. If he wants to step up as a true community leader, how about apologizing again, this time saying he realizes he shared racist words that everyone should find offensive?

Perhaps he could also tell me how to explain his post to the over 700 African-American students I work with daily through Project LIFT.

Barry Sherman, Charlotte

Tillis doing what he chastised Hagan for

In response to “Tillis rejects tone but embraces agenda” (Aug. 24):

Mark Smith of Charlotte
Mark Smith

In the 2014 U.S. Senate campaign, then-challenger Thom Tillis assailed incumbent Kay Hagan’s lack of independence in voting, saying the Democratic senator had voted with the Democratic president 95 percent of the time.

He was disdainful of her inability to provide independent thought for the people of North Carolina.

Now, as a Republican senator, Tillis boasts proudly that he has “... not deviated once...” from the Republican president’s wishes and agenda.

At least Ms. Hagan voted against the president’s agenda 5 percent of the time. Mr. Tillis apparently does not aspire to that minimal level of rebellion.

Mark Smith, Charlotte

Latest Afghanistan plan a no-win

Afghanistan has been called “the graveyard of empires.”

When our nation fails in its quest to subdue this rugged country, will it resemble Great Britain, a second-tier power with a decent standard of living for all and free elections?

Or will it take the form of the former Soviet empire with an autocrat ruling a nation of a few haves and many have-nots?

Donna Hatfield, Cornelius

GOP, face the music, create fair districts

In response to “New map reveals part of state GOP redistricting plan” (Aug. 20):

Cynthia Gibas
Cynthia Gibas

I’ve lived in Charlotte 12 years and I have never been in a properly competitive legislative or congressional district.

The GOP in this state is attacking our democracy and it shows up as shamefully bad policy that has destroyed this state’s reputation nationally.

If a political party needs to stack the deck with biased districts to win, if they need to block specific groups from voting, if they need to drop thousands off voter rolls without properly checking identification, that means their ideas are losing ones. They need to face the music in a free and fair election. With fair districts. Now.

Cynthia Gibas, Charlotte

Don’t reduce park, make it a front yard

In response to “Let’s not make second mistake in Second Ward” (Aug. 20 Opinion):

Granted, New York’s Central Park has a mite more acreage than Marshall Park, but we in Charlotte are fortunate to have this lovely midtown space.

Careful attention to what surrounds it and no encroachment on its size should guide planners.

Think about well-sited buildings that have a whole park as their front yard! Imagine the little “lake” frozen in winter for ice-skating! In spring we could have our own Make Way for Ducklings, like the Boston Common.

We’ve removed the concrete over the creek at Morehead and Kings Drive and created a delightful greenway. Let’s not repeat the earlier mistake there, and pave/squeeze Marshall Park.

Linda Christopher, Charlotte