Letters to the Editor

Religious leaders like Richard Land should stand up to Trump

Richard Land wrong on Trump

In response to “Local evangelical leader says he plans to stay on Trump’s advisory council” (Aug. 25):

Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Matthews, has decided not to resign from the Trump advisory council. I wonder if Mr. Land had been on President Obama’s council, and the shoe were on the other foot, if he would have done otherwise.

The political stance of many of these preachers makes it appear they are working for the devil.

Their hypocrisy stymies the effect of the gospel. This is one of the main reasons young people are rejecting the gospel.

Leonard Jarvis, Concord

Here’s how a business would run America

I’ve never thought that government should be run like a business, but with the current administration, I’ve been reconsidering. A well-run business would do the following:

Hire department managers with a depth of knowledge and experience in their areas. So, bye-bye DeVos, Carson, Perry, et al.

Have an anti-nepotism policy. So, bye-bye Jared and Ivanka.

Hire a professional staff to manage communications. So, bye-bye Twitter.

Prohibit the CEO from gaining personal financial benefit from company activities. So, bye-bye Mar-a-Lago, Trump International Hotel, et al.

Have no tolerance for the CEO making disparaging statements about women, immigrants, Muslims, et al. So, bye-bye Mr. President.

Conduct a nationwide search to hire the best person as new CEO. So, bye-bye VP Pence.

Given these circumstances, let’s indeed run government like a business.

Tom Clayton, Davidson

Don’t remove Marshall Park trees

The writer is past president of the American Society of Consulting Arborists.

Having spent all my working years in the tree preservation business, I am shocked that the county wants to eliminate a major asset by removing all or most of the trees in Marshall Park.

Almost all of these trees are in good health.

Jack McNeary

It takes about 25 years for a shade tree like a willow oak to reach the point where it does the job it was designed to do – produce oxygen, filter dust and dirt, provide shade, prevent soil erosion and cool the air and ground below.

With proper care, these trees can provide benefits for 50 to 80 more years and remain a tremendous asset.

A mature willow oak can have a high dollar-value, but in this case these trees are irreplaceable.

Jack McNeary, Charlotte

Chief Putney isn’t doing his job

Charlotte has had 60 homicides this year. The Chief of Police needs to go.

Whatever programs or leadership he’s putting forth aren’t working.

I realize the City Council is busy with important tasks like renaming streets and writing bathroom ordinances, but the chief has the responsibility of public safety.

He’s not getting the job done. Not by a long shot.

Greg Palmer, Charlotte

Cover still standing Confederate statues

We have heard much debate regarding Confederate/Civil War memorial and statues after the Nazi, KKK and white supremacist marches in Charlottesville and other cities across the country.

Each one of these Confederate or Civil War memorials glorifies rebellion, succession, treason, hate and slavery. They must be removed from public spaces.

Until they are removed, they must be covered. The Pride flag colors are an appropriate covering symbolizing unity and inclusiveness.

Walter Brzozowicz,


How much history will we erase?

With the latest frenzy of political correctness – renaming streets, removing monuments, etc. – why not rename the city of Charlotte? Charlotte was named after a German (gasp!) princess who was married to a British king. This is the king who sat on the throne during the time of the American Revolution. Read your history books if you’ve forgotten that period in our nation’s history. Talk about oppression!

So does this sound ridiculous? Yes, it does. Am I serious? Of course not. Think about it.

Allison Schaar, Matthews


Charlotte Pride was full of love

There were so many different people in Uptown Charlotte this weekend. No troublemakers. No violence. Just peace, laughter, quiet and joy. What America ought to be, despite the embarrassment in the White House and his hateful supporters. I’m proud of our city as it makes room for everyone.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte